Mobile Gaming SaaS


Development is a casual puzzle/shooter 2D to 3D Mobile Game App for Android and iOS that scales into VR with AR simultaneous location and mapping of MR SaaS that is central to its gameplay. Integrating Mobile Gaming SaaS with, SpaceZodiacs_v1 will converge ethnographic gamification on as an immersion with the block-chain, machine learning marketplace AI platform of

Mobile Gaming SaaS is contextual content trajectory that is for data driven decision making of cross-selling with algorithmic revenue management.

Core Idea: Affective Computing

Machine Learn data structure of the Gameplay mechanics are ethnographic Gamified objects as Actor Networks that represent positive and negative emotions that vie for occupation of the Holographic Universe as an AI.

Game Design Document, developing…


Base Game Loop- Finite Machine…




Casual puzzle/shooter 2D to 3D Mobile Game App for iOS and Android that scales into VR with AR central to its gameplay.