Enterprise Application Software


Input is for new x that Outputs y from the MAI wrap with a DAO:  server-side render, DNN (DL4J) insect of autonomous database, Gamifiable (Pytorch) for programmatic adv model with GamifiedApp,  Holding Company’s Independent Games Studio Start-up that drives AI.

Capitalizing off partners, customers, third parties and Government entities with autonomous natural language processing to intersect CRM technology with B2B nodes to advertise their self-brand overlaps from deep links that machine learn with Gamification Actor Networks, GamifiedApp monetizes B2C asset transfer of user narrative’s digital economies that is the Social Transmedia of the domain-specific knowledge’s cryptoeconomics for Marketplace AI.

With a Smart Contract Product launch for an open source interoperable architecture of User data with a blockchain address identity layer system that allows people, products, apps and services, Blockchain cloud providers, organizations and innovators to key into Marketplace AI with decentralized ecommerce from the launch of GamifiedApp that executes Smart Contracts, Blockchain and Tokens, server side rendering is beyond POP for its DAO, so GamifiedApp executes Ethnographic Gamification algorithms that train domain specific Input data.

Deploying a Blockchain enabled Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with Storage, Asset Transfer and Mobility and B2B advertising to B2Cs that are Users for Marketplace AI with an EAS (enterprse application software) Internet of Value that is from Smart Contract data science and its databases, Input conditions connect Output of Product Market Fits from qualitative what that trains and formats domain-specific knowledge, for new advertising algorithmic functions filter and format B2B’s how delivery of classification with simultaneous location Actor Networks and mapping for concrete implementation of AR.

GamifiedApp provides Ethnographic Gamification technology at where Users interact, exchange digital assets of competing blockchains that are the Gamified crypto-economics’ value creation consensus of Social Transmedia for Marketplace AI.


CEO/ Founder ECMcCready