f: x→y

Evolutionary algorithms that predict real valued output from user narratives, B2B generation of advertisement comes from real-time deep neural network (DNN) input, as an AR output layer for B2C benefits is from neural network architectures of an underlying mapping of ethnographic data. Explicitly executing layers to fit algorithmic advertising is the residual mapping of user […]

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E = (A+B)(B+C)(MC2)

Structuring solutions with self-creating software that is optimizing with simultaneous equations, user conditions are independent for dependent connections. Ecometrics for multivariate logistic AR distribution, VR postulate underlying continuous response functions. Container B2B throughput for dynamic convolutional neural networks of B2C databases are from user narratives for econometric analyses. Machine learning infrastructure synthesizes viral replications for […]

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Emotional Complexity

  Computational complexity of scale with problem size that’s generated by probabilistic finite state automaton can contain a probabilistic and statistical epistemology, so its databases become the cognitive agents of a Machine Learning AI model. Decentralizing for autonomous algorithmic complexity, assumptions of non-random sequences correspond to simultaneous updates of parallel computation. Heterogeneous actors as AI […]

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Killing And Or Not

Analyzing coupled neuronal networks for B2C estimation algorithms from B2C observation, noise variance for AR performance base advertising with conv layers to infer region proposals, neural networks localized to detect objects calculate the loss for artificial neural networks (ANN), so SaaS schemes estimate the position of unknown nodes to implement advertising method pathways of neuronal attributes of simultaneous sensory processes. Infrastructure of clouds for virtualization […]

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How does that make you feel?

    Recognizing and interpreting processes that simulate human affects with computer science and psychology will be an emotion sensing and data driven market, as rationality with qualitative state inference of “What’s your thing?,” one question is for that quantitative interaction between user narratives and computers. VR Shopping! GamifiedApp.com Boom! Gamifiable.com What’s your thing? AI […]

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Instantaneous Real Time

    Time-space compression connections phenomenologically distance subjects, so they interact with informational objects; digitalized extensions replace global vision to supersede our actual world. Artifice designed to deceive existence, an elsewhere of life death becomes our imaginary solutions.  Infinite number realities, a magnetic perception of quantum entanglement for classical correlations – Internet of Things, we […]

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