How does that make you feel?



Recognizing and interpreting processes that simulate human affects with computer science and psychology will be an emotion sensing and data driven market, as rationality with qualitative state inference of “What’s your thing?,” one question is for that quantitative interaction between user narratives and computers.

VR Shopping!


What’s your thing?

AI Awareness communicates world relationships.

Digital and authentic interaction with Transformative Technology, (TransTech), product launches will alter shopping experiences with emotion enabled algorithms. Product market fits can be designed and implemented to penetrate immunity to advertisement. US incurs 300 billion in loss from health care productivity – possible gain markets:

Automated interfaces can leverage mobile convergence with IOT.  E-commerce can offer advertising and track sensor and wearable proliferation with massive data sets.  Machine learning and AI integrating digital medicine and neuroscience,  biology and bioinformatics, VR/AR – MR will support our mental and emotional well-being for Marketplace AI.

Affective Computing and AI Emotion Recognition with deep learning algorithms, data sets must mine empathy to capture how shoppers react to products. Collecting emotional data with sentiment analysis software, ecosystems as blueprints for universal human emotions can create algorithms of thought and feelings.

Global effective computing is to reach 42.5 billion by 2020, so tying emotional awareness to customer experience will be big data business.