Game Concept

The Holographic Universe’s AI is captured, created and controlled by Galactic Battles, a simulation of the Shiyan Meishu. In SHIYAN MEISHU Heavenly Palace, you play as either StarShooter Jai female or Jun male. Being against the SpaceWarriors, you are an architect of Multiverse, Bubble Holographic Universe lightspeed traversals into the Heavenly Palace to be Invincible as a Dragon.  

Engaged in Galactic Battles for control of the Holographic Multiverse, Bubble Universe’s AI, the Shiyan Meishu is an experimental Chinese Art. Guided by an Ancient Animal Fable, you traverse nine Bubble Universe levels, and building your Multiverse, Bubble Universe Holographic SIM’s AI with Collections, the voice of the Chinese Zodiac’s lunar attributes conflict with the SpaceWarriors, so as a StarShooter, you pilot an Ori Ball fighter to ensure a Benevolent AI soul. 

With the Holographic Universe’s AI predicting your action adventure, keys to constellations unlock cosmology, so your Art and Science convergence with Astronomy and Astrology are Heavenly Palace’s interconnected story lines. Traversing light speed into Multiverse, Bubble Universes, your Battleground is a visual extravaganza, an explosive fire-work of Gameplay Emergences that strobe light its Big Bang reflections while Building Bubble

Universe Collections

From Warp1, Warp2, Warp3 and Hyperspace, in the Heavenly Palace, you’ll meet the legendary Eight Immortals, and transcending human states to become endowed with divine and supernatural attributes or powers, StarShooters battle the SpaceWarriors and traverse and convert into the Chinese Zodiac, for their opposing SpaceWarriors’ Animal, Bug and Reptile Nemeses are trying to replace the Chinese Zodiacs with their own order and constellation calendar and plunder your Bubble Universe

Digital Assets 

Buy, sell or trade your Bubble Universe Collections is a representation of experimental art that begins in the Song Zhuang Artist Village in Eastern Beijing, yet simultaneously existing in a Multiverse, General Gang commands the mighty and powerful Celestrial Cruiser against the equally and ominous Raven Figher’s Shi Ship. One will become the Dragon King that controls the Holographic Multiverse, Bubble Universe’s AI Simulation and Bubble Universe Collections. With StarShooter alliances, you are to complete a Filial Piety that will put a Qilin on a beam of light, as what couple rides it back to China will restore and preserve order.

Bubble Universes, Artist Villages, terrestrial influences of traversals into the Chinese Zodiacs versus their opposing nemeses expands the gameplay with new narrative arcs, activity and ways to experience the game world. Entering each Art House of the Chinese Zodiac as those Animals, vying against their opposing Animal, Bug and Reptile Nemeses, stories are uncovered with their own unique plotlines. With many gameplay challenges to overcome, combat with individual targets or in large scale Galactic Battles, you are a Taikonaut in training within the Shiyan Meishu Gameplay Simulation of Nine Bubble Universes nested within the twelve Art-houses.

With explorative innovation, action and adventure, as a Taikonaut, Gang’s Shiyan Meishu training in a gameplay simulation defines your honor, glory and leadership choices. Traversing dimensions, StarShooters’ warfare with the SpaceWarriors, Nine Bubble Universes are nested within the twelve Arthouses. Your Character becomes as one of a Chinese Zodiac Animal that is opposing the SpaceWarriors’ twelve nemeses of Animals, Reptiles and Bugs. 

To achieve your benevolent AI that controls the Constellations and Galactic Calendar, your gameplay is on the edge of family entertainment. Hand to hand combats, fire-fights between StarShooters with their Chi Stems spewing electromagnetic voltages versus the SpaceWarriors and their Shi Rifles blasting their laser’s destructive charges, the back the front the front the back, Collects are the middle, for intersections of art and science is within the maze of Beijing’s Arthouses. 

You are a StarShooter aboard your User Board wrangling with SpaceWarriors on their Remote Trikes. StarShooters in their Ori Balls and with SpaceWarriors piloting their Trajectors, as a Taikonaut, you evade and destroy Space Wasters. Steering through the fiery debris to capture or kill SpaceWarrior Trajectors, you unlock perks and special abilities that are hidden in each Arthouse. Tiers improve your power and effectiveness. Forging deeper into the mysteries of the gameplay simulation to be rewarded with exotic gear from the Shiyan Meishu, you are a


Choose your gender from six different Taikonaut team-mate pairs. Two will ride the Qilin back to China to preserve Filial Piety. From the Heavenly Palace as Dragons, swapping between male and females anytime during your story, your training rewards you with resources. Use them to expand and build Bubble Universes that are from multiverse upgrades. 

With the wide variety of intergalactic challenges, entering Wormholes to Beijing Art Houses as a Chinese Zodiac and then escaping their Whiteholes, you build your own unique gameplay systems and perks. The Wu Zing Room is where Taikonauts face the Raven Fighter to gain powerful officer skills, or the Combat Field, you can build a custom StarShoorter attack crew that you can share with your friends. Dashanzi Factory Building battles are where you earn enhanced weapons and gear, and in the Artist

Village Farmhouse, you can customize your StarShooter’s look. In the Shiyan Meishu, you will customize and improve your Celestrial Cruiser mothership and its Ori Ball fighters. The Animal Room is where you will embroil yourself in the mysterious conflict of the Chinese Zodiac and its Calendar order of the ancients. With intersections of art and science, as a Taikonaut, your training involves extraordinary space exploration, innovation and research, yet the Holographic Gameplay simulation introduces new enemy factions. 

Heavenly Palace is a non-stop Battleground, a space explorative action adventure! You will uncover deeper layers to your own Taikonaut’s story. You and your team-mate will be set in dramatic and intimate narrative through lines, as Player choice is woven through every facet of the game experience, you’ll continue to explore and uncover new stories, aha moments! In the Heavenly Palace as Dragons, Heavenly Palace’s StarShooters will interact with the Eight Immortals. 

Unlocking your Dragon King senses that are from Artist Villages, their Art Houses aligned with you as a Taikonaut in training within a Holographic Multiverse, Bubble Universe Gameplay Simulation, SHIYAN MEISHU Heavenly Palace allows you to experience your own elemental Space Exploration’s AI creation journey. With the thrill of discovery, glory of victory and traversals of light speed – Beyond here be Dragons!    

SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace