GamifiedApp‘s API is to allow Blockchain Gaming access, for with new addressable markets through NFT, SHIYAN MEISHU: The Heavenly Palace, an animation feature that serves Game Design of Transmedia Worlds, scaling into blockchain gaming and with mobile app ecosystems, the monitoring of chart movements, app engagement, and gathering app marketing of Intelligence Data, de-centralized e-commerce will come from from branded content, as merchandise and add affiliate marketing converge with ad revenue share with products of direct payments as of tips and badges and “gated content or subscriptions,” user-generated content with a Creator Economy starts with a Hypercasual game called SHIYAN MEISHU: Heavenly Palace.

Metaverse Blockchain

Astrology And Metaverse

GamifiabeMobile as a domain specific of Gamifiable LLC that launches a Creator Economy with SHIYAN MEISHU Heavenly Palace, the Hypercasual Game’s Intelligent Data aligns with a mainstream Astrology market, and merging with physical and virtual worlds that is a Metaverse Branded Multiverse Entertainment, Casual Mobile Blockchain Gaming is in scope of scale, for an extra functionality of smart contracts that have an API access of GamifiedApp‘s dynamic interaction of inputs and outputs is for de-centralized ecommerce, and Tokenization with NFTs is of Ethnographic Gamified CRMs. GamifiedApp’s API is for Blockchain Gaming, as Global Brands align with the compliance of Chinese Law, mobile-first customers are to build lasting and valuable relationships.

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Astrology And Astronomy Convergence

Intelligent Data from the Hypercasual Mobile Game of SHIYAN MEISHU Heavenly Palace opens new challenges for a Casual Blockchain Game version, and with entirely new NFT markets and audiences, an Astrology convergence with Astronomy is an Ethnographic Asian niche, so adding new income sources of in-app ads (IAA) and in-app purchases (IAP) into SHIYAN MEISHU Heavenly Palace without interfering with the player’s experience, monetization is part of the content, as its Chinese Zodiac Arthouses within Warp Speed is the Shiyan Meishu (experimental art) in SHIYAN MEISHU  Heavenly Palace, a Hyperreality environment of the Mobile Game is a value proposition with reward videos.

Metaverse Branded Multiverse Entertainment

Hypercasual games continue to grow in the global mobile market. With simple mechanics, SHIYAN MEISHU Heavenly Palace‘s free accessibility trajectory and with short gameplay sessions, it will align with the mobile gaming industry that continues to accelerate at a rapid pace, so enabling users to pay using cryptocurrencies and with NFT trading of Blockchain Gaming, scaling a Transmedia World of SHIYAN MEISHU Heavenly Palace into a pipeline of mobile cloud boosts margin convergence with new NFT based monetization channels. Peer to Peer Decentralized Ethnographic Gamified CRM’s Embracing Blockchain Gaming with Tokens and NFTs is of a Metaverse Branded Multiverse Entertainment that supports the Creator Economy and its Intelligent Data.


Serving the AAA Game Design is a full-length feature Animation of SHIYAN MEISHU: The Heavenly Palace, as a spectator theoretical physics narrative in and of itself a game, a Metaverse Multiverse IP Based Branded Transmedia World is supported by Gamifiable LLC that forges a convergent future with a Business Model that launches with a Hypercasual Game, as Casual Blockchain Games scale Mobile Game Parities that converge into Video Games with Intelligent Data gathering in a Creator Economy, Transmedia Worlds that reference Digits and NFTs at where GamifiedApp supports an infinitely-scaling virtual space with its own economies and identity systems, monetization, engagement and player retention from pre-seed of Gamifiable LLC, optimizing strategies come from the traction gained by CPI (cost per install), price for acquiring a new user, LTV (lifetime value), how much money the player brings and LTV, an exceeding cost of attracting a player to SHIYAN MEISHU Heavenly Palace‘s Hypercasual Game.


Encompassing a Creator Economy with Blockchain Gaming, pre-seeding with a Hypercasual Game of SHIYAN MEISHU Heavenly Palace, scaling to Casual to blur Hardcore with Mobile to Video Games, an architecture to encourage IAP, in-game currency and tokenization, Gamifiable LLC‘s Intelligent Data will be merging the physical and virtual worlds, so launching as a mobile game developer with a small, remote and independent team, a New World Order culture will seamlessly increase geographies, and with those number of players acquired, launching on new platforms, advertising in other countries and with larger marketing budgets, growth strategies and the net proceeds of capital raised will be used in scaling Transmedia Worlds into a Unicorn start-up, as mobile gaming markets gain increasing popularity in the next ten years, game-making to billions of people with SHIYAN MEISHU Heavenly Palace an intersection of art and science convergence of an Ethnographic Chinese, China’s app ecosystem shapes Digital Ecosystems into a Social Transmedia.