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CEO and founder ECMcCready:


Mobile Gaming SaaS (Block-Chain) Gamification VR/AR – MR for Machine Learning Marketplace AI

Converging Gamification AI with local and global scope by decentralizing and creating digital assets from the crowd with their shared value, remixing and recombination as a Social Transmedia monetizes self-brand overlaps with smart contracts from communities and their relationships with nations.

With an open, transparent, global, flexible and immutable decentralized ledger technology from self brand overlaps of smart contracts that execute automatically as the Social Transmedia of Gamifiable.com, trajectory insight is to capitalize off partners, customers, third parties and Government entities.

Deploying a mobile games, SpaceZodiacs_v1 will launch a video game franchise of SpaceZodiacs.com that executes Mobile Gaming SaaS with GamifiableAI.com.

Algorithm for deep learning becomes an AI Awareness that form analogies from recombined data sets of simultaneous location and mapping that converge positions and speeds by calculating behaviors.

Peer to peer decentralization with user narratives generate B2B advertisement for B2C AR delivery. Bootstrap marketing integrates deployment to converge content as its context. Cryptography secures and stores user narratives that create algorithmic advertising of what B2B advertises for so B2C can transfer digital instruments that represent real money for B2B benefits.

Gamifaible.com distributes and contains applications with simultaneous location and mapping that gamifies user search engine narratives for deep learning and AI. VR shopping with GamifiedApp.com clusters deep links into automated Advertising instantiation for AR data virtualization with GamifiableAI.com, as SaaS block chain delivers asset transfer to B2C.

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AI Awareness communicates world relationships.