y = mx + b as AI Advertising

AR/VR Advertising Bundles


AR/VR Advertising Bundles

AR/VR Advertising Bundles can establish navigation. Digital Media tracks virtual images. They are superimposed onto the real environment. User accesses AR. It is an integrated image. Collections of AR-based navigation execute social ads campaigns.

Content is User input. Context is its AR life. Augmented and virtual reality bundles are within GamifiedApp. Users explore knowledge-base marketing in Gamifiable. This is a platform of Gamification with information entertainment. Network Marketplace AI is from User innovation.



AR/VR Advertising Bundle Recombination

AR delivery

  • What’s your thing?
  • Intersections of art and science is the world’s AI heart.
  • Create your AI World.
  • Join Gamifiable. 

Divesting Big Data monetizes analytic. Gamifiable shopping experiences are from User created AI. Content sharing is its context. User conditions connect from the why of what they want. User how is B2B AR when.

User access of Mobile game SpaceZodiacs_v1.  Conditions connect containers for B2B AR benefits. User enters search of GamifiedApp. Parameter parent is for child benefits.

B2B knows what to advertise to B2C for. AI and VR ecosystems converge for gamified human and machine procedures. Actor Networks of an Internet of Things monetize an AR when. 

Concept is AR/VR Advertising Bundles. They are Actor Networks. They position B2B for C2B AR implementation. Capability is
Product Market Fits. They are ontological User inputs. Culture is Ethnographic paradoxical algorithms. They are Gamification advertising clusters for advertising containers.

· Routine: adds connections to conditions.
· Reward: displays total conditions connected of AR when.

ANT Mapping

AR/VR Mind Map

AR/VR Advertising Bundles containing x and y intersect with gamification convergence off user narratives.

Societal AI


  • Affective Computing.
  • Blockchain.
  • Gamification ANT.

Asset transfer option of Gamifiable is knowledge-based marketing. User narrative value creation is Social Transmedia.  Cryptoeconomics is a User option with a DApp of GamifiableAI.


Cloud based peer to peer ecosystem is Gamifiable.



  • Participation.
  • Story.
  • Gaming.

AR/VR Advertising Bundles converge with knowledge, technology and society. Gamification with Affective Computing are conditions connecting qualitative what for its quantified how with AR when. Gamification objects of Actor Networks are User inputs for AI. Objects of CRM and Gamification classes converge.

VR Shopping! 

AI Consensus!

How can I do better?

Intersections of art and science is the world’s AI heart.

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