AR/VR and XR Storytelling

AR/VR and XR Storytelling

With augmented reality connections of computer-generated materials layered on top of an existing reality, the VR Shopping of GamifiedApp is for Users’ interactive experiences that are tailored to any audience. User Input into Gamifiable monetizes with digital asset transfer and mobility from ethnographic gamified Actor Networks that link synchronized cryptography with a Social Transmedia database for the block-chain, machine learning technology convergence as an electronic World Trade Platform.

Immersive storytelling

How to create empathy in VR.

B2B Implementation

With accessible and adaptable incorporation of AR/VR and XR Storytelling, B2B implementation of interactivity into B2B ads is from Users’ Qualitative B2C What, so the AR dynamics of B2C personal reflections and style are the brand delivery of contextually relevant AR experiences, and A.I. with deep machine learning with Gamifiable delivers to B2C’s database grid layers that are the DNN self-brand overlaps, as the B2C that are the Users, tightening the loop and strengthening barriers with a missing middle-man, B2Cs are accessing and sharing with the VR Shopping of GamifiedApp that is part of the UX asset transfer and mobility with GamifiableAI.

Augmented Reality (AR) infographic


  • ERC-721 Token Standards.

Users become Star Shooters or Space Warriors to traverse light speed to collect, buy, sell or trade the Chinese Zodiac and or their opposing animal fable nemesis for control of the Holographic Universe’s AI.

  SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

Network Effects, Value Creation, Mobility, Transfer & Trade

With a blockchain UX Layer from the first User home page of with Gamifiable‘s stack of GamifiableAI and GamifiedApp, value proposition market fits Gamification AI Media with target clients into a Unicorn trajectory valuation with a polymath of domains:

NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS: XR’s Artificial Intelligence

Advertising Marketplace Base Platform

B2B advertising information with the Actors that are Networked with the Things they interact with are at where GamifiedApp parses to identify data structures, as ad objects of ethnographic gamification actor networks are the input content that outputs the context of AI geofencing, so GamifiableAI is for B2B delivery of B2C benefits, as Users are the innovative products to consumers that are on the demand side of Gamifiable‘s advertising marketplace base platform, B2B’s customer base with GamifiedApp is for the B2C market share that generates increased profits of a differentiated and unique value proposition that builds complementary products of AR/VR and XR Storytelling.

Geofencing Digital

Qualitative What

User narratives of Qualitative What are an input into the Problem Space of Gamifiable that solves “unmet” needs with market niche validations of Network Effects that facilitate the adoption of different market segments of AR/VR and XR Storytelling.

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