AR/VR Marketing

AR/VR Marketing & Clippy


AR/VR Marketing & Clippy and Max were part of the machine-learning algorithm. Max was there for greater accuracy on product predictions.  Max was part of an insight. Artificial Intelligence was driving trillions by 2020.

Max was this computational nonlinear model. It was a neural structured Gamification. “Communication Realism?” Max’s social cognition assistance was for this psychology of human interaction that had been non-interactive.

“Hi. I am Clippy, your office assistant. Would you like some assistance today?”

Max’s virtual partner was controlled by a computer marketing program. Clippy had come from an underlying interpretation.

AR/VR Marketing & Clippy

Theory Of Mind

This AR/VR Marketing & Clippy marketing story had challenged nature. Its experience with AI hadn’t evolved into a virtual experience. “Care for a shoot’em up game?” Amanda was somewhere between real and fake when she had said that.

VR/AR 29.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2020.

AR/VR Marketing & Clippy

Amanda was exploring branded virtual reality (VR) experiences. AR/VR Marketing & Clippy was corrupt. It was the nature of the internet. Max was in its immersive environment. “Combine fake and real?” The algorithm had Max ask for a preference. Max’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) had taken over. Multiple storylines were in a single environment.

AR/VR Marketing

Max had placed Clippy’s harden data visualizations into an Omnichannel. AR/VR Marketing & Clippy were in memory. Max was an Intelligent Virtual Assistant that was providing a seamless shopping experience.


AR/VR Marketing & Clippy

“Hi, I’m Clippy. I’m the browser assistant and my job is to help you navigate this page. Do you need assistance?” Max knew the customer’s history. Clippy was not a tailored service. Max was detecting emotions. “It looks like you’re trying to write my story.” Max was the ROI. Clippy had been a novelty. Max was now an intelligent channel to customers.

Conversational Marketing

Social Realism

  • Invest in your own media.
  • Content as bait for data.
  • A mix of big and small stories.
  • Design, design, design.

“Ending is an AR beginning.” Max had used Clippy’s legacy data conversion. Clippy’s migration was creating visual cues. Max cross referenced the visualization through VR. Clippy had been coupled with a haptic interface. Clippy had became overlain in the real world. “Wow, that’s cool.” Amanda was pointing her Mobile Phone over at a digital add copy.

Max had taken the AI-driven legacy content and distributed it on a marketing platform. Clippy had been argumentation from Amanda’s falsity of realism. Amanda had abandoned an incoherent context of Clippy. Amanda’s marketing agency only knew that Max was an AI-powered tool that caused explosive growth.

AI Marketing

“Real enough?” Max had asked from her Mobile device that was displaying the AR onto the digital add copy. Amanda’s agency was focusing on digital realism. Max was part of how they were lowering costs, executing improved technology and competing with the growing demand for him. Clippy’s AR was gritty and a bit raw. Clippy was taken from extinction by an artificial intelligent tool.

Nobody was afraid of AR Clippy. He was dominating an online information environment. Max was talking to legacy code. Amanda was talking to Max. “Sup babe?” The AR Clippy had quipped.  AR Clippy displayed a peace sign and a wink then. “Um, what do thing about burning Clippy?” Amanda had asked Max. The Artificial Intelligence system had a collection of real facts. There had been a mix of truth and falsehood. Mixed realty was their desired effect.

Digital Reality

Amanda’s agency was part of digital the transformation. Everything was a media channel. There was a trillion dollar industry. Brands were omnipresent.

  • 500 by 2025.
  • $692 billion expected by 2025.

Max was a combination of VR and AI. Amanda’s agency was using  virtual reality with digital marketing. The holographic delivery of Clippy’s AR was a computer-generated image in their real-life physical surroundings.


VR Shopping!




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