AR/VR & XR Autonomous Marketing Platform

AR/VR & XR Autonomous Marketing Platform

AR/VR & XR Autonomous Marketing Platform

An AR/VR & XR Autonomous Marketing Platform had met a demand. There was a scale with efficiencies. Autonomous marketing platforms had conformed with brands. Bo and Lin were in the MTR Central Station.

JCDecaux Transport (Hong Kong): Citibank’s 3D Illusionary Wonderland at MTR Central Station

“Take my pic!” Bo had exclaimed. ECCO had an Augmented Reality interactive game at MTR Central Station. Bo was doing weird poses. “What?” Bo had stopped. She had gawked over at Lin.  Bo saw that Lin was looking at the latest sneaker collection. It was popping up on Lin’s screen. “Hello friend?” Bo had insisted. “Look” Lin had pointed to the central point at where the advertisements were scanned.

Lin had met the brand at the publisher level. Bo had brought out her mobile too. Their dimension of unifying rules was delivering these compelling experiences. “What now?” Lin had asked. Bo was now alongside Lin. They had been introduced to an AR/VR & XR Autonomous Marketing Platform. “What are we going to wear there?” Bo had asked Lin. They were face to face and eye to eye. “Reality continuum!” Lin had shot a thought.

VR, 360 video and “overlay”


“Lay on…Um- with them?” Bo had wanted Lin’s next phase. “You don’t mean that?” Lin had gone wide-eyed. “Total control!” Bo had pointed. There was a product-focused ad. It was on her Mobile. “Oh, oh! I gotta have these!” Lin had found hers. Automation software had taken the place of human activity.

predictive analytics software more than $6.5 billion worldwide in 2019.

Big Data Analytics Market

“Oh! We …wear them there?” Bo had asked. “Yeah! I’m with them!” Lin had embraced an AR/VR & XR Autonomous Marketing Platform. It was an AI Powered Market. Lin had been exceeded with Bo. Their human cognitive capacity had engaged an AI. Their adoption was with an AR/VR & XR Autonomous Marketing Platform fashion.

AI Powered Marketing

• Patterns.
• Suggestive.
• Decisions.
• Autonomous.

The AI-powered marketing tech had an AI. It had offered them many benefits. It was for their long term. Data integration had segmented its rule creations. Bo and Lin had become an experiment design with an AR/VR & XR Autonomous Marketing Platform. “I’m driven by a shared experience!” Bo had shouted. “Bitcoin.” Lin then had whispered. “Wwwhat?” Bo was not sure about Lin’s target.

Blockchain had evolved with intelligent machines. They were conversing, competing and transacting with one another. “What’s wrong?” Lin had to get a response from Bo. Their sensory data and actions were simultaneously built. They had been mapped and positioned within uncertain surroundings.

Wearable Tech Market To Be Worth $34 Billion By 2020

• 3.3 zettabytes IP traffic 2021.
• 3.300,000 petabytes info.

Crytocurrencies & Smart Contracts

“Um, and them?” Bo’s Blockchain-based digital assets were still evolving. By 2020 their union with AI-powered machines with cryptocurrencies was at where over a billion. They were going access AR and VR content. “Things!” Lin had enjected.

Fifty billion devices will be connected by 2020

“Playing with things?” Bo had wondered. Virtual Realty had redefined video games and video entertainment. They were navigating in unstructured spaces.

$135.4 billion in 2019

Global robotics industry was heading to expand to $226.2 billion by 2021. Bo and Lin were occupying its AR/VR & XR Autonomous Marketing Platform.

“No problem!” Lin had stated. Autonomous mobile robots were designed for their specific behavior. Bo and Lin’s tasks were in an AR/VR & XR Autonomous Marketing Platform. It was working in unpredictable environments. Mapping, navigation, localization, perception, and locomotion had become Bo and Lin’s sense of purpose. They had a way to control their destiny.

VR Will be the Next Internet by 2020

“Oh! Things  there!” Bo was exited with an understanding. VR had offered her a new way to participate. Lin and Bo were in its anywhere and everywhere. They were in an AR/VR & XR Autonomous Marketing Platform that was evolution of their narratives. There were interactions between them. They were the creators. There were these user tales. “Yeah, there!” Lin had confirmed it. She was being different.

“Let’s do it!” Bo had now seen the terms their narrative. Bo and Lin had understood the AR/VR & XR Autonomous Marketing Platform’s different interpretations of their facts. They had formed a of conversation from brand promises. There was a sense of presence from the AR shoes advertised. They had caused Bo and Lin’s narrative development. “We got them!”


VR Shopping!



Anything goes and everything is fair game!

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