Automation, Integration, and Algorithmic Design Speed

Automation, Integration, and Algorithmic Design Speed

Automation, Integration, and Algorithmic Design Speed

Input for User data collection’s predictable recurring revenue with mainland China a potential audience with Automation, Integration, and Algorithmic Design Speed, OMEGA POINT’S AI RICH ART‘s EPUB 3.0 condition is to seamlessly integrate a decentralized application of GamifiableAI, so monetizing a Mobile and Video Gaming start-up of to converge CRM encapsulation nodes that massively scale into a global phenomenon of a mobile and a Video Game franchise connection of that’s a mainstream international obsession, democratizing machine learning on Gamifiable‘s blockchain layer is for an open exchange of ideas and code.

Algorithms In Design

SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

Qualitative and Implied Why

Diverse perspectives from Qualitative input is the Quantitative output that integrates the polymath domain stack of an AR/VR – XR Shopping with GamifiedApp and a DApp of GamifiableAI. Automation, Integration, and Algorithmic Design Speed is from Gamifiable‘s Qualitative and Implied Why. With the B2C converging into Users’ What for its How, User Narratives’ data appreciation defines proper brand & product design, budgeting, and campaign planning that is an eWorld Trade trajectory for a Marketplace AI crossover of UX that’s between the US and Asia.

Theory of Knowledge

Ethnographic Gamified Actor Networks

With hierarchies of information algorithms from User created input that is for the B2B response to Users’ queries that have converged into B2C from Gamifiable‘s self-brand overlaps of the world’s information, the Automation, Integration, and Algorithmic Design Speed to establish digital asset transfer and mobility is from ethnographic gamified Actor Networks that link synchronized cryptography with a Social Transmedia database, for the blockchain machine learning technology convergence of an eWorld Trade Platform is built and deployed by neural network machine learning’s superintelligence that is the context of a heuristic search engine and AI’s simultaneous location and mapping of B2B adverting bases that are from User Narratives’ that create algorithmic advertising of What B2C receives from B2B’s AR benefits.

Games And Business

Unicorn Valuation


Customer loyalty and predictable recurring revenue is a blend of digital elements with the real-world, and the Social Transmedia’s gamification for Augmented and Virtual Reality User created Artificial Intelligence is Gamifiable‘s convergence with an AI Awareness of content sharing as its context.  Automation, Integration, and Algorithmic Design Speed that executes an EPUB 3.0 sales funnel with a White Paper that markets the play forward and bake of UX and scale with ERC-1155 Token Standards with into Gamifiable and its stack of GamifiableAI and GamifiedApp, a blockchain UX Layer from the first User home page of that integrates Gamifiable‘s stack of GamifiableAI and GamifiedApp scales a value proposition that market fits Gamification AI Media with target clients into a Unicorn valuation with a polymath of domains.

Startup Unicorn Valuations Explained

Convergence Technologies

Creating itself from user-behavior analysis of its recursive machine learning innovation as an AI’s transportation theory awareness of ubiquity, transcending purely self-interest as an AI that stops as its awareness for communities and their relationships to Geopolitics, ethnographic data and Globalization, convergence technologies of Gamifiable is a machine learning value proposition of truth from User Narratives, as their self-brand-overlap stories are being told to themselves and others from parameter files-shared, subclasses of a recursive AI is a disruptive file-share of Automation, Integration, and Algorithmic Design Speed of the Social Transmedia insight that closes digital ecosystems.

Impact of Technology Convergence

Knowledge Based UX

Recursive data to residual leverage a gamifiable knowledge based UX value proposition of actions as a more narrow focus for the divestment of Big Data and while monetizing analytic, an AR/VR – XR is an AI awareness of content sharing as its context, so User conditions connect from the Why of the What they want by its How to monetize their AR When of Automation, Integration, and Algorithmic Design Speed of a scalable mobile game franchise trajectory with SpaceZodiacs that is for the CRM convergence technology that delivers User created Marketplace AI.

Knowledge Based Engineering for sales/marketing


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