B2B Intelligence Driven Marketing

B2B Intelligence Driven Marketing

B2B Intelligence Driven Marketing

Empowering gamers to own their digital goods and boosting transparency with blockchain innovation, Gamifiable‘s trajectory for a world trade platform that uses blockchain technology transforms virtual gaming items into real world assets, as SpaceZodiacs.io is a real-time multiplayer game at where players earn points from their conditions that connect to other players, intersections of B2B Intelligence Driven Marketing technology is the B2C VR Shopping of GamifiedApp. Social Transmedia cryptocurrency is GamifiableAI‘s trading realm within the billion-dollar gaming industry.

Blockchain, Recombination & Social Transmedia


Gamifiable‘s back-end database maintains Crypto-economics from User Narrative data collection that creates the digital currency called Social Transmedia, as GamifiableAI executes a Consensus storage distributed data Technology startup with B2B Intelligence Driven Marketing, a Marketplace AI with self-brand overlaps that monetize user data collection that converts into Social Transmedia with block-chain protocols is GamifiedApp‘s B2B Distributed Ledger.

SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

Smart Contract Sales Funnels

With SpaceZodiacs.io‘s exchange Network, itself a B2C initial user on Gamifiable, SpaceZodiacs.io/holographicUniverse is for moving value between peers. The transaction validation mechanism of a VR Shopping of GamifiedApp and a DApp of GamifiableAI of the Marketplace AI Platform of Gamifiable is the crowd sales revenue with smart contracts. They generate funding and traction of B2B Intelligence Driven Marketing.

AR/VR Mobile Game

  1. SpaceZodiacs.io/holographicUniverse:

    Real-time multiplayer games. Name ends in “io”. Casual MMO games that involve battles between players. Players earn points by killing other players. Top players are listed on the leaderboard in the game.


B2B’s B2C Networks

Not requiring intermediary assistance with Gamifiable‘s Intelligence Driven Marketing, B2C collaboration tools are for building blockchain B2B’s B2C networks that deliver B2C benefits from ad created smart contracts and blockchain applications.

Data-Driven Marketing

Integrated Solutions

With VR Shopping of GamifiedApp, a DApp of GamifaibeAI, the decentralized, open source platform of Gamifiable, a polymath of domains integrate B2B Intelligence Driven Marketing on top of blockchain technology, so smart contract crowd sales funnels are a sustainable innovative artificial intelligence that executes revolutionary disruption. With breakthrough technological solutions that solve problems with cryptocurrency from secure and stored user narratives that create algorithmic advertising of what B2B advertises for, B2C transfers of digital instruments represent real money for B2B benefits from their mobile technology’s B2C camera positioning of markers for product market fits.

Ethnographic Gamification Algorithms

Aggregate smaller ad platforms of user narratives’ shared models of B2B Intelligence Driven Marketing with ethnographic gamification algorithms that test input data, conditions connect Product Market Fits from qualitative what that trains new advertising algorithmic functions that filter B2B’s how delivery of classification with simultaneous location Actor Networks and mapping for concrete implementation of AR as B2C’s when.

Predictive Analytics

  1. Distributed: Gamifiable.
  2. Authenticated: GamifiedApp.
  3. Cryptocurrency: GamifiableAI.

Token Benefits

With mobile gaming and convergent consensus technology of GamifiableAI that delivers what users want from their qualitative why as their quantitative how and while monetizing their mobile AR software when, a scalable mobile game intersects input conditions that output connections of product Market Fits that integrate CRM and a VR Shopping app of GamifiedApp, so B2B compensates its advertising for B2C’s attention with token benefits that stimulate users to buy products advertised in gamifiable ethnographic technology that deliver campaigns of B2B Intelligence Driven Marketing.

Tokens of Appreciation

Programmatic Account-Based Marketing

Monetizing user data collection that converts into Social Transmedia with block-chain protocols that scale into AR/VR – XR and wrapped from user narratives as AI, Machine learning technology deploys programmatic Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns, so Gamifiable‘s blockchain distributed data storage and verification capabilities with GamifiableAI executes the VR Shopping market dynamics with GamifiedApp‘s B2B Intelligence Driven Marketing data.


(Vision, Value, Method,Obstacle,Measurement == Document, Design, Code, Build, Deploy)

Minimal Viable Product Launch for Product Market Fit

SpaceZodiacs.io is a product launch with its smart contract sales funnel to be the first User on the platform’s home page that will iterate the software stack: Gamifiable, GamifiedApp and GamifiableAI.


  1. Concept: new x = 0 == y = 1.
  2. Capability: B2B delivery to B2C.
  3. Culture: Social Transmedia/Totally Virtual.

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