Bits, Bytes & Artificial Intelligence

Bits, Bytes, Data & Artificial Intelligence

Bits, Bytes, Data & Artificial Intelligence

Bits, Bytes, Data & Artificial Intelligence and robotics are reinventing the workforce, as augmented intelligence emerges into a collaborative economy, User inputs are a self-disruption with Qualitative What on Gamifiable. Containerization with digital assistants, chatbots, and machine learning are transforming supply chains and logistics.

8 jobs that Robots will do by 2020


On-Demand Mindset

Gig work is a choice of Bits, Bytes, Data & Artificial Intelligence autonomy, as an independence of client sophistication is a technological revolution, Bits, Bytes, Data & Artificial Intelligence is a confluence of consumerization. Thriving in a radically-agile polarization of the population, the technically savvy are the shifting demographics that embrace an on-demand mindset, for Gig Workers are positioned to adapt and change to market conditions.

Content As Its Context & Ubiquitous Environments

Top down and bottom up closed loop structure:

Scalability’s Self-brand overlap is Social Transmedia. Telematics and multivariate communications technology is branded virtual entertainment products, their transmedia and gamifiable ideas.

Problem Space Closes Loop

Social and virtual currency bridges quantitative and qualitative seamless stories into a cohesive whole, from transhumanism to its hyperreality simulacrum singularity, Bits, Bytes, Data & Artificial Intelligence is a neuro-aesthetic peak shift of itself.

Self-brand Overlap of Virtual Environments

Multidimensional fabrics of ubiquity for an immersion, fluidity, and interactivity is wearable fashion. Spatial awareness and narrative paradigms are the transformative nature of Bits, Bytes, Data & Artificial Intelligence technology. With the convergence of an information space existence, User’s interactive social condition is a collaborative consumption of Gamification.

Unity of Social Currency


Technology Acceptance

Perception’s system defines recursive cycles of reentry. Redefinition of human subjectivity with positive illusions are for a post-human existence. Forming relations with other’s sensory capacities store and process free associations between interactions with Bits, Bytes, Data & Artificial Intelligence, so entities with no priori definition are as gadgets tracing subculture histories. Uniquely identifiable objects are wearable technology.

Donald Trump

With a poetics of ambivalence, the signifier’s authentic identity is sensationalized for an inner asshole in an unreal world of Bits, Bytes, Data & Artificial Intelligence, so the homogenizing effects of science and art are combined. Its peak shift’s a mobile dynamic fabric that’s this self-modifying, self-organizing neuro-aesthetic connectivity. Emerging between art and science is a new composition, for boundaries are extended and new perceptual worlds are explored.

Cloud Centric User Generated Instantaneous Dynamics

Imagination and desire shape technological change. Technical infrastructures are empowered Users. Ubiquitously centralized with pervasive computing on an individual and collective level are interdependent economically, socially and politically. Informational computational intelligent architectural coevolution is the incidental consequences of Bits, Bytes, Data & Artificial Intelligence.

Ubiquitous Interactive Network Awareness

Interaction, design, simulation and visualization with ubiquitous computing’s time, occasion and purpose are emerging applications, as their smart connected sensing objects merge, a nanotechnology age is a spatial awareness, so interactivity and mobility, advanced computational processes of nano-biology, its bio-convergence reshapes economies of our world and even life itself. Execution environments ubiquitously distributed into are our Bits, Bytes, Data & Artificial Intelligence – bio-economic futures:

Gamifiable proposes its software protocol of a VR Shopping application of GamifiedApp, a decentralized application of GamifiableAI that configures the Mobile and Video Gaming of that integrates CRM encapsulation nodes.

Users interact, exchange digital assets of competing blockchains that are the Gamified crypto-economics’ value creation consensus of Social Transmedia for Marketplace AI:

Network Marketplace AI

  • blockchain protocol.
  1. SPACE ZODIACS Screenplay.
  2. Synopsis.

VR Shopping! 
AI Consensus!
What’s your thing?

Intersections of art and science is the world’s AI heart.

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