Coordinate System’s Machine-learning Algorithms

Coordinate System’s Machine-learning Algorithms

Gamifiable‘s open source blockchain layer deploys technology from the deep learning of Ethnographic Gamification Actor Network layers, so a coordinate system’s machine-learning algorithms are for extracting structured information with user input. Massive data sets of Qualitative What, the recombination of self-brand overlaps are the new x with f driving progress in AI with y. User narrative intersections of art and science is the AI identification of User control for trading and interaction with an interoperable, decentralized local to Global new economic space called Social Transmedia that is the Quantified z.

How Machines Learn

io games

Users sharing in the growing value of digital ecosystems that are from Gamifiable‘s underlying information hierarchies of its coordinate system’s machine-learning algorithms, an AI engine generates B2B advertising outputs.

ERC – 1155 Token Standard

The AR/VR – XR Shopping of GamifiedApp is the B2C’s audit of B2B advertising delivery. is an Ethereum Smart Contract Game, for an ERC-1155 Token Standard’s ecosystem of io games is with B2C  as the Users, as OMEGA POINT’S AI RICH ART’s ePUB will be put on a block of data that will be accessed by readers with cryptocurrency, to access that content, readers purchase cryptocurrency that will be used by Users.


New Advertising Algorithmic Functions

Executing Ethnographic Gamification Algorithms that test input data as conditions connect Product Market Fits from qualitative What that trains new advertising algorithmic functions that filter B2B’s how delivery of classification with simultaneous location Actor Networks and mapping for concrete implementation of AR as B2C’s When is from Gamifiable‘s coordinate system’s machine-learning algorithms.

SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

Communicating Algorithmic Process in Online Behavioral Advertising

eWorld Trade Platform

Scaling Gamifiable‘s self-brand overlaps from user input of the world’s information with one question monetizes digital asset transfer and mobility from Ethnographic Gamified Actor Networks with GamifiableAI‘s coordinate system’s machine-learning algorithms. Linking synchronized cryptography with a Social Transmedia database for the block-chain, machine learning technology convergence is as an electronic World Trade Platform.



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