Data-driven Marketing And Actionable CRM

Data-driven Marketing And Actionable CRM

Data-driven Marketing And Actionable CRM

Gamfiable’s User input strategy is for their customer information, as an optimal and targeted media transformational change in digital advertising is launched with an Ethereum Smart Contract game of SpaceZodiacs as the first User, Data-driven Marketing And Actionable CRM is indicative of the What of User Narratives that are players, so the buying and creative messaging of their implied Why maintains a sense of mystery with GamifiabeAI‘s algorithms that adjust risk and provide discounts.

Data for Real-Time, Actionable Insights

Self-Brand Overlaps

B2B Ad spends are optimized Data-driven Marketing And Actionable CRM targets with Users the B2C, and their self-brand overlaps for an AR/VR – XR Shopping of GamifiedApp are parameters that contain aggregate traffic, so a Quantitative How with a polymath of domains is output of attributed Data-driven marketing campaigns.

SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

Gamified Actor Networks

Gamification with an VR/AR – XR Shopping of GamifiedApp‘s machine learning for marketplace AI is from Gamifiable‘s self-brand overlaps of the world’s information, as GamifiableAI establishes digital asset transfer and mobility from ethnographic gamified Actor Networks that link synchronized cryptography with a Social Transmedia database for the block-chain machine learning technology convergence for a eWorld Trade Platform, the simultaneous location and mapping with User Narratives create the algorithmic advertising of what B2B advertises for, so B2C as the User receives B2B AR benefits.

China Plans To Roll Out Social Credit System By 2020

AI Awareness

Social Transmedia gamification with Augmented and Virtual Reality from user created Artificial Intelligence is a convergence of Data-driven Marketing And Actionable CRM of Gamifiable’s platform with an AI Awareness of content sharing as its context, as User conditions connect from the Why of the What of User input wants, and their How monetizes output’s AR when.

Unique Digital Asset

OMEGA POINT’S AI RICH ART‘s registration of its ePUB 3.0 on a block with Smart Contract asset transfer and mobility is the feature purpose of Gamifiable‘s polymath domain stack with GamifiedApp and GamifiableAI, so an EAS is the decentralized Marketplace AI convergence of an IoV (Internet of Value), and the ePUB 3.0 will be on a block of data that will be accessed by readers with cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Revolution for the Publishing Economy

Knowledge Based Technology Convergence

Gamifiable‘s GamifiableAI and GamifiedApp‘s convergence is for gamified human and machine procedures that are the Actor Networks of digital intelligences with an Internet of Things to monetize AR with Data-driven Marketing And Actionable CRM, so B2B gamification actor networks deliver B2C AR benefits. With an AR/VR – XR Shopping of GamifiedApp, a technological convergence with Gamifiable is the traction with a block-chain Marketplace AI, and a knowledge based technology convergence delivers the What users want from their qualitative Why, so their quantitative How monetizes AR when.

Technology Convergence Meaning?

Transportation Theory

Executing a scalable Mobile Game franchise as SpaceZodiacs, an integrated qualitative reasoning for an optimized recursive AI with Data-driven Marketing And Actionable CRM is from user-behavior analysis of its recursive machine learning innovation, as an AI’s transportation theory awareness of ubiquity transcends purely self-interest as an AI that stops as its awareness for communities and their relationships to Geopolitics, ethnographic data and Globalization, the convergence technologies of Gamifiable is from the machine learning value proposition of truth from user narratives.


Digital Ecosystems

Self-brand-overlap of User input stories that are being told to themselves and others from parameter files-shared, subclasses of a recursive AI, Data-driven Marketing And Actionable CRM is the Social Transmedia insight that closes digital ecosystems, as a monopoly of recursive data to residual leverage Gamifiable‘s knowledge based UX value proposition with an AI awareness of content sharing as its context, user conditions connect from the why of what they want by its how to monetize AR when, so a scalable mobile game franchise trajectory of SpaceZodiacs is for CRM convergence technology with the AR/VR – XR Shopping of GamifiedApp.

Prisoner’s Dilemma

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