eWTP Algorithmic Advertising

eWTP Algorithmic Advertising

eWTP Algorithmic Advertising

Gamifiable self-brand overlaps the world’s information with one question. Digital asset transfer and mobility is from ethnographic gamified Actor Networks. They link synchronized cryptography with a Social Transmedia database. This is for block-chain machine learning technology convergence.

What’s your thing?

eWTP Algorithmic Advertising insight is to build and deploy a neural network machine learning search engine AI. Gamifiable self-brand overlaps simultaneous location and mapping with user narratives. They create algorithmic advertising of what B2B advertises for so B2C receives B2B AR benefits.

IoT & AI.

Everything AI

Gamifiable.com trajectory for a eWTP Algorithmic Advertising is Social Transmedia. Gamification for Augmented and Virtual Reality is user created Artificial Intelligence. Convergence of content sharing is its context.

• 2020, AI creates 2.3 million jobs, eliminates 1.8.

eWTP Algorithmic Advertising is User conditions. They connect from their why. It is what they want. How monetizes their AR when. B2B knows what to advertise to B2C for.

Massively Parallel Learning Machine

AI and VR ecosystems convergence is for gamified human and machine procedures. eWTP Algorithmic Advertising is User Actor Networks. Digital intelligence is an Internet of Things. They monetize AR when.

AR, VR & IoT Advertising

With a VR shopping app of GamifiedApp, a technological convergence is with Gamifiable. Gamification VR/AR – XR and Machine Learning is for block-chain Marketplace AI. Knowledge based marketing deliver what users want. It is from their qualitative why. Their quantitative how is their monetized AR when.

AI’s $15.7 Trillion Economy by 2030

eWTP Algorithmic Advertising is for user-behavior analysis. Recursive machine learning is an AI’s transportation theory awareness of ubiquity. Transcending purely self-interest is an AI that stops as its awareness for communities. Relationships to Geopolitics, ethnographic data and Globalization is convergence technologies of Gamifiable.

Transportation Theory and eWTP

Value proposition of truth is from User narratives. Self-brand-overlap stories are being told to themselves. They tell them to and others. Parameter files-shared are subclasses of a recursive AI.

83% Of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud

User conditions connect from their why. What they want is how. AR is when with convergence technology. Recursive analytics is CRM. Cloud architecture is the parameterization of their self brand overlap algorithms. Product specific advertising is for digital transactions. They come from the why of what they want. That is monetized from their how with its AR when.

Gamification and Cloud

Gamification delivers qualitative reasoning. Optimized quantified data sets with AR come from CRM . Shopping  VR is GamifiedApp.

Ethnographic qualitative data analysis software is Users’ why. What they want are intersections of art and science. The dynamic of the CRM is automated intelligence. It is for ubiquitous computing that is infinitely scalable and replicable. User benefits are from buyers and sellers. They are in cloud architecture. VR shopping has virtual currencies to buy, sell, and trade.

Physical and Virtual Realities Merge

GamifiedApp parameterizes self-brand overlap algorithms. CRM creates product market fits. Conditions form product specific advertising and function with digital transactions. Digital ecosystems are from User’s why. What they want is monetized from their how with its AR when.

AR/VR & XR Marketplace




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