Scalable Mobile Game SpaceZodiacs_v1

Scalable Mobile Game SpaceZodiacs_v1 for summer 2018!

Direct response digital marketing will bootstrap that technology to be built. The posts will continue and content will develop at interims. With Social Realism a currency, Social Transmedia is the assets from user narratives. They will intersect cryptography, so your data and content, profile not only have value, but it will be secure.

I have media content; however, I will be a user just like anyone else then. I will execute technology as that user with my content for its Marketplace AI.



A serial killer in a massively multiplayer Virtual Spelunking online game that has a goal to present the Devil, it has been over-ridden by a re-dating of carbon – an Alien!

Written as a stream of consciousness, Ronald Reese was role playing as serial killer. Juliana had role played as a seductress of a serial killer, yet her past had manifested into her virtual present.

“The Rock Field Killer,” Ronald had taken the microchips out of cattle feeders that murderous day, and Chi Chi was raped in that dirt. Their destinies were changed by an extraterrestrial.


Anybody who has ever read the book in its present publication has raved about it. The title was wrong, and the cover was done by a young Filipino woman then, um- lol, anyway – it is timely, will be edited and with a cool cover and new copyright. Again, the title will be


Original Title

 ALIEN TOTALITARIAN GOD: Akuma Sutra Abduction.

Well, because of the way I put it out there an illuminati became associated with this content, as the Diamond Sutra is its parent. Original Cover Art will depict a Conversational Intelligent Agent, devious in this case,  and it will go out commercially with a direct response book funnel trajectory.

Spearhead is the Mobile game, scalable and driving with technology. VR is trajectory with AR and MR convergence.

Scalable Mobile Game SpaceZodiacs_v1

The video game (sandbox) will develop out of backstory of the above screenplay and the development of the Mobile Game.

GamifiedApp is the VR context. GamifiableAI is the Dapp: stack and nests  Blockchain with Gamifiable, the platform. document.

I will be using Unity and Visual Studio. Developing with Unreal Engine too in C++. It will exponentially grow into a dynamic VR play.

Feature Animation

Scalable Mobile Game SpaceZodiacs_v1as a mobile game will be the transmedia of the following:



First Page of the above:

Page by page, I create the model of Gamification, Ethnographic Affective Computing Model, its layers and AI. The input CRM encapsulation will wrap it, so the platform of will be a product of Scalable Mobile Game SpaceZodiacs_v1’s  AI.


Scalable Mobile Game SpaceZodiacs_v1                Scalable Mobile Game SpaceZodiacs_v1                                  Scalable Mobile Game SpaceZodiacs_v1





Users will create their profile by search, and that will be AI.

Gamifiable From user input, encapsulation of “What’s your thing?” (weights) as x outputs y that is cryptographic intersections for its AI:

Bottom up, top down – blockchain reflexes agent.


Reinforcement Learning

Survey of Applications of Markov Decision Processes

Bellman Equation

  • CRM (weights) encapsulation = V(s’1)…V(s’4):




Users define the Social Transmedia, so their profile page is from “What’s your thing?” (Markov Decision Process). This will be cryptographic intersections of ethnographic gamification nodes with affective computing machine leaning AI with marketplace base model of cryptoeconomics. Their data will be currency and they will be able to trade, buy, sell – grab a fish-ball in Hong Kong, sushi in Tokyo, or a Hot Dog in New York City…


AI consensus!


Social Realism

There is no “Hollywood” in the trajectory. Straight to video media that will market its differentiation and contain its marketplace base model. By “Hollywood,” I mean comparability. There is no “me too.” This media is different and that is Unique Selling Proposition for advertising and sponsors. Niche. No competition.



SHUAIJAN – Screenplay

SHUAIJAN Title song lyrics



SAME SAME SO SO Screenplay


DRAGON – Synopsis

DRAGON – Screenplay


ALIEN – Synopsis

ALIEN – Screenplay


TV Specs



Anime comedy pilots




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