Heavenly Palace

Beyond here be dragons!


SHIYAN MEISHU: The Heavenly Palace (anime screenplay).

Entertainment Software Narrative:

Logline: Taikonaut trains in a Vision Machine within a Machine, a copy of a copy to become the Shiyan Meishu in the Heavenly Palace as a Dragon King.

Synopsis: Galactic Battles mine asteroids for Warp Speed that nests Chinese Zodiac Arthouses within, as their Hyperreal Vision Machine traverses them into Nine Bubble Universes with the Shiyan Meishu in the Heavenly Palace, a Dragon King is manifest from StarShooters and SpaceWarriors who are a diametric Emergence of their Holographic, Multiverse Bubble Universe Gameplay SIM that’s a Taikonaut training their copy of a copy with a Machine within a Hyperreal Vision Machine.