Gamification CRM Encapsulation & Blockchain

Gamification CRM Encapsulation & Blockchain

Gamification CRM Encapsulation & Blockchain

Intersections of User nodes from Qualitative What is Gamifiable’s network, so ”” is from Gamification CRM Encapsulation & Blockchain. New x for y of permissioned censor-proof blockchain is the Users’ required permission, so Conditions of networked nodes can read the information of the Users’ Qualitative What for instances of its Quantified How.

3 billion connected.

VR Shopping

Qualitative What from encapsulated CRM has the authority to sanction transactions. Quantitative data is permissioned and containerized from Users’ qualitative search, so with Gamifiable running on a centralized server, GamifaibleAI is launched for B2B benefits to advertise to B2C’s trusted nodes in VR Shopping with GamifiedApp.

Data Append and Predictive Modeling

Network topology is optimized, as crypo-graphically secured append-only databases are the Network Marketplace advertising base model, the intersection of a consensus mechanism is a private blockchain protocol with a database system controlled by quantitative How of Gamification CRM Encapsulation & Blockchain.


B2C Camera Advertising Markers

Collaborate delivering that shortens the steps to send and receive payments is from algorithmic advertising. What B2B advertises for is so B2C can transfer digital instruments, so the representation of real money is for B2B benefits that comes from mobile technology’s B2C camera positioning of markers for product market fits of Gamification CRM Encapsulation & Blockchain.

Payments across Gamification CRM Encapsulation & Blockchain Advertising is the B2C convergence with B2B, as B2C is a permissioned connection with conditions of a decentralized search engine technology that has a blockchain protocol of Gamifiable, GamifiedApp and GamifiableAI.


Virtual Worlds Built on Blockchains

SpaceZodiacs built on Ethereum for advertisers to sign a condition from Gamifiable is a connection transaction with GamifiableAI. Gamification CRM Encapsulation & Blockchain is customized ads from B2B for B2C Users that are disrupting with a decentralized virtual reality database, and all transactions across a peer-to-peer network are connected to the qualitative What of conditions.

Ethereum Games

Gamification and Game-based learning is a convergence of qualitative What for its quantified How. Gamification is User generated objects from recursive database architecture of Gamifiable, so the motivating elements of Gamification CRM Encapsulation & Blockchain is game-based XR that is linked to AR’s When.


With GamifiedApp, Acquisition is triggered from what Users’ What, so B2B can advertise in VR from a cognitive area of Product Market Fits. Social Transmedia is an Activation of game elements, mechanics and game-based thinking.

Effective Gamification

GamifiableAI is to engage and motivate with knowledge-based marketing, as Retention is a learning process of User narratives of the Gamification CRM Encapsulation & Blockchain.

CRM Encapsulation & AR When

1. What’s your thing?

• Doing.
• Who.
• Why.
• Where.

Game-based learning is from User conditions, so Retention is captivated by the contents of the context of VR Shopping, as personalized VR Shopping experiences are from User input, B2B output establishes Revenue from Gamifiable‘s software protocol with Gamification CRM Encapsulation & Blockchain. Connections drive engagement for performance goals of B2C benefits in a P2P engagement platform.

Game Based Learning

Ethnographic Gamification

Leave Ordinary == Meaning.
Call to Adventure == Empowerment.
Enter World == Social Influence.
Allies == Unpredictability.
Overcome == Avoidance.
Self-discovery == Scarcity.
Atonement == Ownership.
Return == Accomplishment.

Affective Computing & Referral

Mobile gaming and convergent consensus technology of GamifiableAI deliver that What Users want from their qualitative Why. Gamification CRM Encapsulation & Blockchain is the quantitative How that monetizes Users’ mobile AR software When. Building and deploying a scalable Mobile Game of SpaceZodiacs_v1 intersects input conditions that output connections of product Market Fits that integrate CRM and a VR shopping app of GamifiedApp.


C2B narratives machine learn with gamification of B2B Actor Networks, as B2B is B2C implementation of Product Market Fits. Algorithmic composition is for B2B advertising, so new function campaigns are for the B2C’s Gamification CRM Encapsulation & Blockchain Marketplace AI that delivers B2B AR benefits.

Problem Space

B2C enters search of GamifiedApp. User options are for conditions that connect self-brand-overlaps as an electronic world trade platform of Gamifiable.

“Value propositions lie deep within complex data.”

• In the search bar answer: “What’s your thing?”

“If the user is having a problem, it’s our problem.”
-Steve Jobs

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