Human Intelligence, AI & Perception

Human Intelligence, AI & Perception

Gamifiable is a qualitative What from User narratives that control and define algorithmic AI, so decision making and relationship building is the Human Intelligence, AI & Perception of sales and marketing strategies. Users are the core part of the logical arguments of the Machine Learning evaluation processes that takes over. GamifiedApp is the VR Shopping with B2B advertising automation, as GamifiableAI is the computer-controlled robot that thinks intelligently in the similar manner of the User narratives. Social Transmedia exhibits intelligent behavior, learns, demonstrates, explains, and advises Users. Pattern recognition techniques help B2B identify/predict Quantitative How for B2C delivery within the CRM Narrative context.

                                                         What’s your thing?

Google Maps.

Automated Algorithms

If-Then-Else phase modulating of perception from Qualitative What interprets patterns in data to arrive at Quantitative How, so the input data from User narratives are deriving perceptions based on its deep learning about What’s Human Intelligence, AI & Perception of information flow at the neuronal level. Conditions and Connections are databases of an AI machine that mimics the perceptional ability of its Awareness. Automated algorithms to compare, contrast and predict User narratives are the virtual profiles of Gamifiable, as GamifiedApp uses AI and machine learning technologies,  machine vision uses AR to deploy AI.

Autonomous Vehicle Platform

AI Brand

Gamifiable is an AI brand with revenue generated from the direct and indirect application of Human Intelligence, AI & Perception software, for its data-based analyses from Qualitative input uses ethnographic Gamification encapsulation with AI-based technologies. Conditions on present-day trends provide connections. B2B advertising is an informed B2C delivery with the missing middle-man a value creation of Social Transmedia. An emergence of User created AI effect is the Quantitative How to get the Qualitative What’s asset transfers => When. Technological singularity accountability is placed in the Users’ ability to use GamifiableAI to factor in VR Shopping with GamifiedApp for Gamifiable‘s AI growth.

Machine/Deep Learning & Practical AI

Niche Advertising

Qualitative What and Quantitative How intersect Condition and Connections, for Social Transmedia is a two-way conversation between marketers and consumers. The missing middle man is supplemented by Human Intelligence, AI & Perception. Social Transmedia communicates self-brand overlaps of User narratives, so B2C advertises to B2C (niche) media. Gamifiable‘s consumer-controlled marketplace uses data-based marketing that produces value for target audiences. VR Shopping with GamifiedApp is where Users access advertising conditions to connect to category benefits, so Conditions of a seller, product or service share Connection values with GamifiableAI.

Create & Dominate Niche Market

eSports — a niche that will grow to $1.5 billion by 2020. == B2C As “

SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

With an animal fable driver, it is as a fantasy adventure yet with more mature character interactions in an intriguing theme for exciting action sequences. The Heavenly Palace and the Qilin are metaphors for real-world physics, art and science.

Multiverse & Video Game

120 K Word Novel(s) Copyright Retrievals

(Theoretical Physics: narratives)

  1. WORMHOLE TXu001117786. (eleven dimensional string for white hole)
  2. FIELD OF BLOOD TXu001170993. (reversal of second law for quantum perpetual motion)

User Created AI

Agile User Story Maps & Cryptocurrency Exchange

Content Marketing AI

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