Image Recognition, Machine Vision & Product Recommendations

Image Recognition, Machine Vision & Product Recommendations

Intelligence applications used for AI insight marketing is from Image Recognition, Machine Vision & Product Recommendations, so Gamifiable‘s encapsulated ethnographic algorithms allocate asset transfer with GamifiableAI. A blockchain protocol is analyzing visitor’s behavior, for B2B campaign optimizations are geared towards User defined audiences. B2C converts from Quantified data to target with programmatic advertising.

•  Digital Ad Future.

Social Transmedia is from a distributed, append only ledger. An automated process of buying and selling ad inventory is through an exchange of conditions, so the Public Keys utilize Private Keys to connect with advertisers from B2C conditions.

B2C Decentralized Activation

Blockchain & Mobile Wallets

Processing artificial intelligence technologies are from computer nodes of image Recognition, Machine Vision & Product Recommendations, so updates of Qualitative What is the real-time connections that are B2C bidding for inventory across mobile, display, video and social channels. Programmatic advertising of the demand side of Gamifiable with GamifiedApp‘s User Acquisition is from conditions of Users’ Qualitative What, so B2C access of GamifiableAI‘s process of buying ads is from User defined inventory that targets audiences.

Personalized Visual Recommendations.

The integration of Gamifiable‘s data management collects and analyzes User defined data from the decentralized application of GamifiableAI‘s cookie protocol that allow B2C marketers’ the Activation of B2C advertising benefits.

Branded content & Context

B2C Automated Advertising

Natural Language Processing (NLP) from ethnographic CRM encapsulation Image Recognition, Machine Vision & Product Recommendations are from automatically detected topics, as entities and keywords are the gamification nodes that are from user input, algorithmic images are from qualitative What. Quantitative How is the supply-side that delivers B2C automated advertising.

B2B convergence of B2C.

Domain-specific Computer Vision Models

Neural Networks model input to Classify categories in domain specific architecture. Machine Learning (ML) analyzes the demand-side so B2B knows what to advertise to B2C for with Gamifiable‘s database of Social Transmedia. GamifiableAI is the data exchange of accounts through one interface, as GamifiedApp displays content for the How users interact, CNN architectures build domain-specific computer vision models.

Problem space, or Domain

What’s your thing?

Gamification Actor Networks

Input data is classified into an image-based search from ethnographic CRM that uses artificial intelligence to deliver VR Shopping. Building autonomous natural language processing to intersect CRM technology with B2B nodes to advertise their self-brand overlaps from deep links that machine learn with Gamification Actor Networks, monetizing B2C asset transfer of user narrative’s digital economies is Social Transmedia.


Cryptocurrency is for the Marketplace AI of Image Recognition, Machine Vision & Product Recommendations that deploy a VR Mobile Game of SpaceZodiacsGDD.

%50 Mobile Games 2020.


Identified and processed images are output from consensus storage distributed data technology, as GamifiableAI uses algorithms for deep learning for ad impressions through real-time auctions, as Gamifiable‘s backend forms analogies from recombined data sets of simultaneous location and mapping that converge positions and speeds by calculating behaviors, GamifiedApp is the Retention developed from autonomous technology through the use of layers that are intent oriented AR connections.

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