Linking Physical and Digital World

Linking Physical and Digital World


Linking Physical and Digital Worlds define user Conditions for its product definition. Connection is product-market fit. User Interface can deliver user their experience.

 3.82 billion or 51.1% of population using internet

Liking Physical and Digital worlds

Linking Physical and Digital Worlds

VR wraps an AR overlap with an Internet of Things from user input. VR Conditions become AR Network Marketplace Connections. B2B knows What to advertise to B2C’s When and at Where. Immersed user narratives are AR Connections. They are the rapid feedback from targeted users’ Conditions. Connections iterate Augmented Realty for user interface design.

Augmented Reality User Interface

AR and AI

Linking Physical and Digital Worlds with a decentralized peer to peer interface governs from its How. With knowledge-based information-entertainment,  What interacts and contains other application’s deep-links. Context of user narratives from What is Content intelligence technology. It automates B2C algorithmic adverting insights for B2C.

Top 20 File Sharing Software Solutions

Linking Physical and Digital Worlds

Google Drive
Dropbox Business
Apple iCloud
Ares Galaxy
Zoho Docs
• Jumpshare
• SharePoint
• Droplr
• Syncplicity
• GigaTribe
• pCloud Business
• SmartVault
• LeapFILE

Linking Physical and Digital Worlds with journey analytics deep-links marketing performance insights. Connections enable Augmented Reality advertising dynamics. Qualitative Conditions are users’ relevant content creation.

Enterprise AR Market

• Connecting remote workers.
• Assisting with complex tasks.
• More efficient warehousing and logistics.
• Enhanced learning outcomes.

Condition is a Qualitative opt-in email address to receive that Connection . User adopted digital engagement is B2C’s lifecycle for B2C advertising delivery. B2C’s Conditions are emotionally Connected with Augmented Reality. Artificial intelligence technology understands and captures the inherent Why of content.

Linking Physical and Digital Worlds is added benefits to B2C.  B2B reactions to user conditions AR advertising technology is computer-generated objects. They are interactive Connections.

• voice
• gesture
• touch

Disney On Demand


Graphics merge with the physical environment. SpaceZodiacs will be played on any surface. VR and AR build visualization of the Condition’s data. Connections unlock Big Data. Virtual Reality globally grows. Conditions are content. Connections are Context. They are Linking Physical and Digital Worlds.

Feature Animation/Video, Mobile Game Franchise

VR/AR – XR & AI Network Global Trade Marketplace



Ethnographic gamification algorithms test input data as conditions connect Product Market Fits from qualitative what that trains new advertising algorithmic functions that filter B2B’s how delivery of classification with simultaneous location Actor Networks and mapping for concrete implementation of AR as B2C’s when. self-brand overlaps the world’s information with one question to establish digital asset transfer and mobility from ethnographic gamified Actor Networks that link synchronized cryptography with a Social Transmedia database for the block-chain, machine learning technology convergence as a World Trade Platform.

With mobile gaming and convergent consensus technology of that delivers what users want from their qualitative why as their quantitative how and while monetizing their mobile AR software when, SpaceZodiacs_v1 1 connects product Market Fits as a Mobile Game that integrates CRM and a VR shopping app of

Developing, building and deploying computer programs that stimulate users to buy products advertised in gamifiable ethnographic technology that deliver campaigns, product launches of performance base advertisement and marketing scale into AR/VR and wrapped from user narratives as AI.

Machine learning deploys brand narratives for B2B to deliver B2C benefits.

VR Shopping!
Consensus AI!

What’s your thing?

AI Awareness communicates world relationships.


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