Smart Contracts, Blockchain & Tokens

Marketplace Environments & Blockchain

Marketplace Environments & Blockchain

Interoperability between User narrative conditions and connections are the sending/receiving software that targets Marketplace Environments & Blockchain. Entering into a Qualitative What defines the problem space of Gamifiable, so the User analyzes input conditions for various connections with VR Shopping of GamifiedApp. Social Transmedia is the self-brand overlaps of Machine Learn Artificial Intelligence nodes that provide the Quantitative How of AR delivery of B2B benefits to B2C.

What’s your thing?

GamifiableAI is a feature of the Social Transmedia’s technological space representation, so digital asset transfers are all the possible states for the given condition of User narratives’ Marketplace Environments & Blockchain. GamifiableAI isolates and provides the Quantitative How to apply AI.

Smart Contracts

Leveraging a new x to deliver products and services from Gamified CRM encapsulation is the value creation of y from pre-existing demand for products in Gamifiable‘s solution space, so the abstraction of conditions of the Users’ narratives are the Marketplace AI of complex connections. Social Transmedia is the crypto-economics from the Users’ Qualitative What.

Undervalued Blockchain Market In China.

Blockchain Gaming/Gameplay

Technological advancement with SpaceZodiacs_v1 launches a robust VR Shopping marketplace with Gamifiable, as GamifiableAI delivers User narratives’ machine economy, devices trade with Marketplace Environments & Blockchain. Smart contract technologies are an all-in-one solution that executes a VR Shopping of, a DApp of, the decentralized, open source platform of Gamifiable into a multibillion dollar polymath of domains. Expanding SpaceZodiacs into a multi-video-gaming ecosystem, Users on Gamifiable create a multi-billion-dollar Marketplace AI economy, so on one platform Users’ are the B2C technological innovations that make supply chains more cost-effective.

Blockchain Exchange Platform for the Gaming Market



In a transparent manner that is an emergence of global value chains, the User is the B2C beneficiary of B2B connections from conditions that are the emerging User generated crypto-economics; removing the third-party streamlines the Video Game version of SpaceZodiacs on top of blockchain technology: with multiple industries, this focus lowers the barriers of Marketplace Environments & Blockchain. SpaceZodiacs_v1 as an initial User on Gamifiable with the VR Shopping of GamifiedApp ,  B2B advertising solution’s delivery to B2C democratizes IoT, for AR is the compelling computer-generated interactive experiences curated by Users.

An Interactive VR Experience

SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

Concept, Capability and Culture

SpaceZodiacs is for the virtual environments that merge art and science with the storytelling search engine software of Gamifiable. Creating groundbreaking and technology-enabled experiences from Qualitative What is the condition that deeply connects Quantified How with User created AI culture. Players determine their algorithmic learners from Social Transmedia that is their self-brand overlaps of an AI’s different information. Gamifiable drives User narratives from conditions, as connections draw B2B closer to B2C, the curating of content is the AI context of VR Shopping with GamifiableApp, so their selection of stories, articles, and posts is an encapsulation of a CRM strategy with a Gamification audience insight.

China Ranks Ethereum World’s Best Blockchain


New x == y



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