Mixing AI, Mobile Apps & Desktop

Mixing AI, Mobile Apps & Desktop

Mixing AI, Mobile Apps & Desktop

Gamifiable‘s thin layer of a Blockchain database on top a of centralized server is for the VR Shopping of GamifiedApp that is Mixing AI, Mobile Apps & Desktop, so B2B ad delivery to B2C is for GamifiableAI‘s Smart Contracts that are from user narrative conditions that connect asset transfer, mobility and trade with the Cryptoeconomics of Social Transmedia.

Production Business Network

Existing AI Platforms

SpaceZodiacs.io/holographicUniverse is an initial user roadmap of the VR Shopping of GamifiedApp and GamifiableAI, as User narratives on Gamifiable consume existing AI platforms, Mixing AI, Mobile Apps & Desktop are the product launch of B2B ads with Gamifiable’s software stack for B2C delivery.

Blockchain-enabled Platform

Gamifiable‘s blockchain database is for the VR Shopping digital advertising of GamifiedApp that executes User conditions, so the ad placement connections of augmented reality frameworks allow multiple devices to see the same digital objects in space by Mixing AI, Mobile Apps & Desktop. A new level of collaboration and trust is between advertisers, publishers and consumers with Gamifiable‘s blockchain-enabled platform, as the VR Shopping of GamifiedApp and GamifiableAI‘s peer-to-peer distributed database builds and deploys custom AI Models in the Cloud, the implementation of custom machine learning models is the user generated data engineering of Gamifiable‘s API endpoints.

privateNarrative = new publicStroy(AI)

With User narrative intersections of API stories, Mixing AI, Mobile Apps & Desktop User input is from sensors, so recommendations are from open source platforms. Machine Learning and Deep Learning gives developers new ways to improve user experiences with the most data: privateNarrative = new publicStroy(AI) is the real-time conditions of powerful analysis tools that are for Gamifiable‘s more sophisticated artificial intelligence.

Internal Black Box

Gamifiable is an internal black box of User narrative conditions, so GamifiableAI‘s decentralized ledger consensus is the B2B ad authenticity and integrity of the VR Shopping of GamifiedApp that is Mixing AI, Mobile Apps & Desktop data. User narratives are creating opportunity from a problem space that consolidates identities into a solution space.

Black Box Testing

Marketplace Discovery

SpaceZodiacs.io/holographicUniverse is an incentive mechanism, as a new digital substrate for the global Cryptoeconomics of the verifications of asset transfer and mobility that are baked into Gamifiable‘s code, self-sustaining applications of What B2B advertises for is the User narrative innovations that are applying B2C capabilities with the How of a Marketplace AI’s blockchain database.

Incentive Mechanism

SPACE ZODAICS: The Heavenly Palace

NOOSPERE SPELUNKERS:XR’s Artificial Intelligence

Blockchain Ads

Encapsulated CRM

With Gamifiable‘s blockchain technology to verify and validate supply chains from Qualitative User narrative input of What, B2C integrity of researched data tracks and completes ad transactions without a central authority, as ethnographic Gamification Actor Networks of encapsulated CRM input is Mixing AI, Mobile Apps & Desktop data, nodes form the governance of Gamifiable’s blockchain database, so B2B assigns B2C ad roles to verified blocks for GamifiableAI‘s transactions.

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