NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS:XR's Artificial Intelligence

NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS: XR’s Artificial Intelligence

NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS: XR’s Artificial Intelligence


A serial killer in Spelunking VR game has a goal to present the Devil. It has been over-ridden by a re-dating of carbon – NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS: XR’s Artificial Intelligence.

It is written as a stream of consciousness. Ronald Reese was role playing as serial killer. Juliana had role played as a seductress of a serial killer, yet her past had manifested into her virtual present.

  1. Chapter One.
  2. Chapter Two.
  3. Chapter Three.
  4. Chapter Four.
  5. Chapter Five.
  6. Chapter Six.
  7. Chapter Seven.
  8. Chapter Eight.
  9. Chapter Nine.
  10. Chapert Ten.
  11. Chapter Eleven.

4 Technology Trends

Convergence, Disruption & Transformation

AR/VR & XR start-up

eBook funnel of NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS: Artificial Intelligence defines crowd source trajectory of This bootstraps a VR Shopping.

DApp of GamifiableAI is for digital asset transfer and trade.  All formats will be available. Value proposition is the block-chain protocol of  User defined AI, for  Gamifiable is a centralized platform, though; there is protocol with an autonomous, decentralized and consensus crypto-economic stack. GamifiedApp is a VR shopping app the delivers B2B benefits to B2C.

The software stack is an advertising CRM network marketplace model. Its digital currency is called Social Transmedia.

Feature Anime for VR


Social Realism & Product Market Fit

SPACE ZODIACS Screenplay will be written into an ebook funnel, and it will developed with Unity.

Mobile & Video Games


AR/VR – XR Gamification Media for Marketplace AI with a Consensus storage distributed data Technology startup

  1. Access => GamifiedApp.
  2. Transfer => GamifiableAI.
  3. Supply => Gamifiable.

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