Parametrizable Deterministic Algorithm

Parametrizable Deterministic Algorithm

Parametrizable Deterministic Algorithm

Gamifiable is a platform base for This User is the B2C that integrates CRM encapsulation nodes with an EAS Internet of Value Smart Contract data science and blockchain database. GamifiableAI’s User Narratives with an AI-powered contract processing is the Quantified parties involved, items of value being exchanged and time frame that has a Parametrizable Deterministic Algorithm, as the AR/VR – XR Shopping of GamifiedApp procedurally creates advertising layout outputs, User input is the Qualitative What of an ethnographic and gamified B2B advertising delivery to B2C’s UX explorations.

What Is The Layout Of An Ad?

Great story(s), End User(s) & B2C Narrative(s)

Developing, designing and deploying an Ethereum Smart Contract game with a Parametrizable Deterministic Algorithm, Users can interact, exchange digital assets of competing blockchains that are the Gamified crypto-economics’ value creation consensus of Social Transmedia for Marketplace AI.

SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Place

Art and science of the Chinese Zodiac are in an architecture of the Shiyan Meishu. Space Junk and their Space Warriors are the nemesis. Star Shooters are as one as these Shiyan Meishu Taikonauts. They must meet the Yellow Emperor in The Heavenly Palace, as two must ride a Qilin back to China to preserve their Filial Piety. With an animal fable driver, it is as a fantasy adventure yet with more mature character interactions in an intriguing theme for exciting action sequences. The Heavenly Palace, and the Qilin are metaphors for real-world physics, art and science.

The Heavenly Palace

B2B is the solution of the Problem Spatial

With a Smart Contract Crowd Sales funnel and for the ERC-1155 Cryptoeconomics of, a Parametrizable Deterministic Algorithm bootstraps to an Angel investment that leads to a Series A Venture round. Validating the algorithm by Using real-time data with Gamifiable‘s blockchain layer is at where an immutable, decentralized ledger with GamifaibleAI is backed by the token, so with multiple algorithms making smaller, simpler predictions with short time horizons, the AR/VR – XR Shopping of GamifiedApp is an advertising environment, as User Narrative subsystems is at where an AI responds to data collections, algorithms take in data, so Qualitative What of Gamifiable and its polymath domain stack return an answer or prediction of an Marketpace AI’s Quantified How.

Machine Learning in Real-Time Advertising

Token Based Licenses

Gamifiable‘s ethnographic, Gamification technology deliver campaigns, so the monetization of User data collection is converted into Social Transmedia with blockchain protocols that scale into AR/VR – XR Shopping and wrapped from user narratives as AI. The Parametrizable Deterministic Algorithm with Machine learning technology deploys brand narratives for B2B to deliver B2C benefits.

User Narrative Advertising Model

With this cornerstone of Gamifiable‘s technology strategy, GamifiedApp‘s API is the AR/VR – XR Shopping that provides Parametrizable Deterministic Algorithm data points in the real world. With GamifaibleAI, a diversity of income streams and information about customers builds upon direct sales, subscriptions, and patronage, so the timeline starts with a block of intellectual property of OMEGA POINT’S AI RICH ART. With an electronic key to this ePUB, ecommerce with tokens-as-licenses, the cycle continues with a Smart Contract Game.

Introduction to Token Licensing: Advantages & Value

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