Private, Public key & Product Market Fits

Private, Public key & Product Market Fits


Private, Public Key & Product Market Fits  are a Blockchain technology. Gamifiable acts as a collective verification system. Traceability, security, and speed are a decentralized marketplace that projects over 60% growth through 2021, as counterfeiting and piracy can rise to $2.3 trillion by 2022.


International and friction-free virtual currency with Private, Public Key & Product Market Fits are rewards earned that stay with the User, and they can use them however you want. They can spend them at SpaceZodiacs, or they can use them with GamifiedApp for their VR Shopping with Gamifiable. They can hold them as an investment, or they can transform them into cryptocurrency or fiat with GamifaibleAI.

Blockchain & Gaming

Divestment Value Creation

Encapsulation of Gamification with blockchain nodes can store executable elements of Mobile and Video gaming with SpaceZodiacs. User narratives from qualitative linking at run-time can create a varied, unpredictable experience, so a Quantifiable marketplace AI is the blockchain data. Currency transfers are implemented with GamifaibeAI’s smart transactions, as there is no need for a middleman.

Overlaps & Application

AR/VR – XR Gamification Media for Marketplace AI is a Consensus storage distributed data of the Private, Public Key and Product Market Fits’ Technology convergence of SpaceZodiacs. This is as a blockchain-structured game. Metric storage is automatic. Historic data can be accessible to anyone who receives a key.

EtherCraft RPG

Social Transmedia

There’s no need to pay a bank to hold funds in escrow. Users become players as buyers and sellers. They can conduct transactions and even trade in a secure, verifiable environment. Every step of their transactions are stored blocks in the chain, as each block has encoded pointers to the preceding and following block.

Public Algorithmic Data



Cryptocurrency or token offerings of Private, Public Key & Product Market Fits on Gamifiable is where Users can accept Social Transmedia payment, so User Conditions Connect with Private, Public Key & Product Market Fits from the platform of Gamifiable. A convergence with VR Shopping with GamifiedApp and a DApp of GamifaibeAI is at where a polymath of domains solves problems with cryptocurrency.

Distributive Permanent Ledger

Stored User narratives create algorithmic advertising of what B2B advertises for. B2C transfers digital instruments that represent real money. B2B benefits are from Mobile technology’s B2C camera position of AR, as they are the Private, Public Key & Product Market Fits that integrated the Video Game version of SpaceZodiacs on top of blockchain technology. Gamifiable is as a distributive permanent ledger that is immutable and transparent.

Feature Anime for Video Game Development



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