Gamifiable‘s Software Stack Features

a.) Hyper-space.
b.) Holographic Universe.

Develop, Design and Deploy An Ethereum Smart Contract game

  • Desktop.
  • Mobile App.
  • AR/VR.
  • Sandbox.


Concept: Tiny Wings Meets Krypto Kitties

ERC-1155 Crypto

Star Shooters or Space Warriors traverse light speed to collect, buy, sell or trade the Chinese Zodiac and or their opposing animal fable nemesis for control of the Holographic Universe’s AI.

  • Randy Rat.
  • Roxi Ox.
  • Tommy Tiger.
  • Bunny Rabbit.
  • Danny Dragon.
  • Simple Snake.
  • Happy Horse.
  • Billy Goat.
  • Mo Monkey.
  • Rodger Rooster.
  • Puppy Dog.
  • Pang Pig.


  • Raven.
  • Cool Cat.
  • Biggie Dog.
  • Black Scorpion.
  • Al Alligator.
  • Tony Turtle.
  • Freaky Frog.
  • Gary Grasshopper.
  • Charlie Crane.
  • Mickie Mantis.
  • Any Ant.
  • Leonard Leopard.


Massively multiplayer game based on smart contracts running in Ethereum blockchain.

Immutable gaming assets are ERC-1155 Crypto tokens based on smart contracts.

Players are Star Shooters in an Ori Ball or a Space Warrior in a Trajector.

They shoot Space Junk, avoid collision and debris.

Maneuvers into Warp Speed capture Ori Balls or Trajectors.

Upgrade controls Holographic Universe’s AI.

Social Transmedia buys, sells or trades digital assets with GamifiableAI.

• Game Concept: holographic universe simulation game.
• Genre: scalable 2D action, strategy and puzzle.
• Target Audience: casual game.



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