Quantitative Crowdsourcing Data Collection

Quantitative Crowdsourcing Data Collection

Quantitative Crowdsourcing Data Collection

Qualitative What input with Gamifiable is a collaborative User contribution for the new x of knowledge, as GamifiableAI is a system of a decentralized network, Users as B2C are data suppliers. B2C access of the new data with y = 1 is the z of the VR Shopping of GamifiedApp, so updates of already existing information inside the Quantitative What that delivers Quantified How that is the User created Quantitative Crowdsourcing Data Collection builds data sets with User Narratives that are the source and data suppliers of a Marketplace AI, so enriched data with relevant recombination of data sets is for new advertising information.

Qualitative Data Collection

New Advertising Algorithmic Functions

Quantitative Crowdsourcing Data Collection is the ethnographic gamification algorithms that test input data, as conditions connect Product Market Fits from qualitative what that trains new advertising algorithmic functions that filter B2B’s How delivery of classification, simultaneous location Actor Networks are mapping for concrete implementation of AR as B2C’s when.

How hash function work?

Ethnographic Gamified Actor Networks

Gamifiable self-brand overlaps the world’s information with one question to establish digital asset transfer and mobility from synchronized cryptography with a Social Transmedia Quantitative Crowdsourcing Data Collection database for the blockchain, machine learning technology convergence as an eWorld Trade Platform.

World Trade Platform

With mobile gaming and convergent technology of GamifiableAI that delivers What users want from their Qualitative Why as their Quantitative How and while monetizing their mobile AR software when, SpaceZodiacs.io connects ERC-721 Tokens Standards based on smart contracts Quantitative Crowdsourcing Data Collection that integrates the VR shopping app of GamifiedApp.

SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

SHUAIJAN: A Flick’ring Lamp, A Phantom And A Dream

  1. ProductionScript.
  2. ShotList.

a.) eBook.

b.) Title song lyrics.

DRAGON STOMP: Raising The Reptilian Race


(explicit: language, nudity and “spectacle of violence”)

SAME SAME SO SO: Ars Gratia Artis

Self-brand Overlap Narratives

Developing, building and deploying with User Narratives that stimulate B2B to advertise to B2C in gamifiable ethnographic technology that delivers their campaigns, Machine Learning deploys self-brand overlap narratives for B2B to deliver B2C benefits of Quantitative Crowdsourcing Data Collection of user-behavior analysis, as recursive Machine Learning is an AI’s transportation theory awareness of ubiquity, convergence technologies from User narrative’s self-brand-overlaps are parameter files-shared, so subclasses is an AI that is for file-share of a Social Transmedia insight that residuals Cryptoeconomics.

How the blockchain will radically transform the economy

Divesting Big Data monetizes analytics of GamifiedApp‘s  VR Shopping experiences with an AI awareness of content sharing as its context, so User conditions connect from the Why of What they want. User How is for B2B advertising with AR that is for B2C’s When of Quantitative Crowdsourcing Data Collection.

Algorithmic Advertising Composition

User access of SpaceZodiacs.io is from conditions that connect ERC-721 Tokens Standards for B2B AR scale trajectory to deliver B2C benefits, as User enters input data of Gamifiable’s search, the VR Shopping of GamifiedApp parameters parents, for child benefits of Quantitative Crowdsourcing Data Collection implementations of algorithmic composition is the B2B advertising of the new function campaigns for B2C with %80 of gamification revenue that is from %20 of Actor Networks.

Learning With Gradient Descent

User as the B2C enters search of Gamifiable with input conditions that connect and output self-brand-overlaps, for the VR Shopping of GamifiedApp is so B2B knows the What of User input, and GamifiableAI is the How of asset transfer and mobility of an electronic world trade platform.

“Value propositions lie deep within complex data.” -E.C.McCready

In the search bar answer: “What’s your thing?”

“If the user is having a problem, it’s our problem.” -Steve Jobs

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