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EPUB 3.0.

All screeenplays will be put to prose, and I have six screenplays that can be retrieved from Copyright as well, plus the five I have. Also, I have two 120k word novels that I will retrieve – “Wormhole,” and eleven dimensional traversal TXu001117786 and “Field of Blood,” a reversal of second law for a quantum application of itself TXu001170993 – both fiction and with real world Physics in an NLP context.

  • Original Harry Potter will be read during the game development, and the prose version of the following screenplay will literally be converted into an EPUB 3.0. . The  target is the same demographics, vying for the essence of the read while adding exposition for about 1,000 words per page at 120k words.


SPACEZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

feature anime’s transmedia

Gave Dev And Prototype

Above screenplay is the blueprint and FORTNIGHT and Minecraft are the models, so page by page, prototype will increment – three pages at a time and iterate from there, converging a Smart Contract, Ethereum Blockchain game into a Mobile and Video Game Franchise at Global Scale:


  1. ERC-1155 Token Standards.
  • Write Paper.
  • EPUB 3.0. @ 104k words => ROBOTICS ‘s NLP’s AI.
  • SpaceZodiacs.io_warpSpeed.


Art and science of the Chinese Zodiac are in an architecture of the Shiyan Meishu.

Space Junk and their Space Warriors are the nemesis.

Star Shooters are as one as these Shiyan Meishu Taikonauts. They must meet the Yellow Emperor in The Heavenly Palace, as two must ride a Qilin back to China to preserve their Filial Piety.

With an animal fable driver, it is as a fantasy adventure yet with more mature character interactions in an  intriguing theme for exciting action sequences. The heavenly palace, and the Qilin are metaphors for real-world physics, art and science.

LIVE ACTION – ECMcCready Auteur


Art-house, melodramatic space opera


scifi, horror

SHUAIJAN: A Flick’ring Lamp, A Phantom And A Dream


Harajuku, Tokyo Japan: Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam,  Hong Kong Island/ Shanghai, China

DRAGON STOMP: Raising The Reptilian Race

scifi, horror fashion novelty


scifi, horror – R Rated/explicit