eCommerce, Smart Contract Gamimg and ERC-1155 Crypto

eCommerce, Smart Contract Gaming and ERC-1155 Crypto

eCommerce, Smart Contract Gaming and ERC-1155 Crypto

Crowdsourcing without any intermediary except an online purchasing mechanism, Gamifiable‘s patronage trajectory with eCommerce, Smart Contract Gaming and ERC-1155 Crypto is initiated by OMEGA POINT’S AI RICH ART‘s ePUB, for OMEGA POINT’S AI RICH ART‘s ePUB will be on a block of data that will be accessed by readers with cryptocurrency.


With the blockchain, GamifiableAI is a DApp that transfers unique pieces of digital property to another. User Narratives from input gathers their personalization of data, as GamifiedApp is an AR/VR – XR Shopping management and promotion tool, B2B’s advertisement delivers to Users’ that are the B2C, so the product of Gamifiable is the Users as applications that are the author-publishers of Gamifiable‘s Quantified How that’s from User Narrative’s Qualitative What’s convergence of eCommerce, Smart Contract Gaming and ERC-1155 Crypto.

Blockchain and Publishing

With ERC-1155 tokens that group multiple items to perform complex operations in a single transaction, GamifiableAI‘s predetermined set of operations is from User Narrative’s Qualitative What on a blockchain layer of Gamifiable, so the containers and clusters of eCommerce, Smart Contract Gaming and ERC-1155 Crypto are the AR/VR – XR Shopping of GamifiedApp‘s deployment of a blockchain database protocol on Gamifiable, for the ERC-1155 Crypto with an infinite numbers of fungible and non-fungible items in a single deployed contract, connections of user-owned virtual items execute B2B terms of advertising contracts that automatically deliver to B2C conditions with GamifiableAI‘s open-source protocol that allows payments to be sent across different ledgers.

ERC-1155 Standard

SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

feature anime for 3D AR/VR – XR

Art and science of the Chinese Zodiac are in an architecture of the Shiyan Meishu. Space Junk and their Space Warriors are the nemesis. Star Shooters are as one as these Shiyan Meishu Taikonauts. They must meet the Yellow Emperor in The Heavenly Palace, as two must ride a Qilin back to China to preserve their Filial Piety.
With an animal fable driver, it is as a fantasy adventure yet with more mature character interactions in an intriguing theme for exciting action sequences. The Heavenly Palace, and the Qilin are metaphors for real-world physics, art and science.

The Heavenly Palace

Develop, Design and Deploy An Ethereum Smart Contract game

Smart Contract Game Tokens and Meta Data

Star Shooters or Space Warriors traverse light speed to collect, buy, sell or trade the Chinese Zodiac and or their opposing animal fable nemesis for control of the Holographic Universe’s AI.

Randy Rat.
Roxi Ox.
Tommy Tiger.
Bunny Rabbit.
Danny Dragon.
Simple Snake.
Happy Horse.
Billy Goat.
Mo Monkey.
Rodger Rooster.
Puppy Dog.
Pang Pig.
Cool Cat.
Biggie Dog.
Black Scorpion.
Al Alligator.
Tony Turtle.
Freaky Frog.
Gary Grasshopper.
Charlie Crane.
Mickie Mantis.
Any Ant.
Leonard Leopard.

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