Social Transmedia Data as Service

Social Transmedia Data as Service

Local scope of compelling narratives from user input are the self-brand emotional resonance of VR Shopping‘s output with GamifiedApp, so Gamifiable‘s database recombination form the Social Transmedia Data as Service of outputs that are from the Qualitative What of User narrative desires and biases of emotional triggers. Artificial intelligence applications with marketing and advertising are the new x narratives that are from explorative User conditions.

Data is Dead: Storytelling and Turning Data into Insights

$30bn fashion market in India digitally influenced by 2020.

Empowerment Via Algorithms

B2B delivery of B2C’s AI emotional storytelling is the connections of Quantitative User How, as GamifiableAI executes its DApp from B2B marketing campaigns, intersections of technology and creative means are from data patterns. User empowerment via algorithms are from their ability to proactively learn their How that is from Users’ What input to output its y, so the value creation of its Marketplace AI from Social Transmedia Data as Service is the AI relationships between variables and parameters that predict the outcomes at scale.

Storytelling with Data

Gen Z.

Prosumer Engagement

Production by consumers, the design, manufacture and development of Gamifiable‘s AI brand is the story-making intersection of art and science, so User narratives’ Social Transmedia Data as Service is the participatory nature of building autonomous natural language processing to intersect CRM technology with B2B node output to advertise for self-brand overlaps from deep links that machine learn with Gamification Actor Networks. B2C asset transfer of user narratives is with GamifiableAI. Social Transmedia is the cryptocurrency for the Marketplace AI of Gamifiable that has a VR Shopping of GamifiedApp. Self-brand overlaps are the prosumer engagement for B2B to deliver branded advertisement to B2C stories, so with SpaceZodiacs_V1 as an initial User that scales into video gaming, Users are enabled and active in the contribution of an immersive Holographic Universe story world.

Harry Potter and Transmedia Story Telling


AI Use Awareness

With an AI mindset that engages local scope of communities for their relationships with nations from Gamifiable’s User input of an implied Quantitative Why, problem-based learning for B2C Quantified How global output is the VR Shopping framework of GamifiedApp’s immersive and spreadable advertising stories for GamifiableAI‘s mobility and asset transfer. SpaceZodiacs is an environment and framework for prosumer engagement from Users’ self-brand overlaps’ AI, so Users’ deep enunciated goals are the key to targeted audiences that maximize expectations and contribution.

The Future of Internet Infrastructure

SPACE ZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS:XR’s Artificial Intelligence‘s smart contract sales funnel monetizes User data collection that converts into Social Transmedia with block-chain protocols from B2C gamifiable media productions. SpaceZodiacs_v1‘s Product Launch is for the software stack and start-up with the features of a VR Shopping of GamifiedApp and a DApp of GamifiableAI with the Marketplace AI Platform of Gamifiable, so crowd sourcing revenue with a smart contract that generates funding and traction to develop the AR/VR mobile game of SpaceZodiacs_v1 is the crypto-economics from User Narrative data collection that creates the digital currency of Social Transmedia Data as Service.

Microsoft’s Concept – Future vision 2020

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