AR/VR & XR – Indie Gaming Start-up:

  • Totally Virtual.
  • Telecommuting.


Edward McCready

530 South Lake Ave 130 Pasadena CA. 91101


  • Social Transmedia.
  • Cryptoeconomics.

SpaceZodiacs & VR Shopping! 

  1. Book Funnels:

a. direct response, digital and affiliate marketing.

b. rebranding

  • Mobile Game.
  • Apps.
  • Blockchain Protocol and Platform.

 Mobile Game trajectory  wraps MAI.  Scale of AR/VR & XR start-up is a video game franchise, as convergence is for VR Shopping with  AR/VR & XR start-up technology convergence of will have a DApp with blockchain protocol: 

  • Video Game.
  • Entertainment Software.
  • AR/VR and XR.
  • Network Marketplace.
  • AI.

GamifiedApp will iterate in Google cardboard first:


Star Shooter in Ori Ball shoots Space Junk, avoids collision and debris.

Star Shooter maneuvers into Warp Speed to capture a Space Warrior Trajector.

By tapping and holding the screen, Star Shooter’s Ori Ball captures a Space Warrior Trajector.

Upgrade is Star Shooter’s Holographic Chi.

Star Shooter capture of Trajectors changes the game’s visuals. Alternative: Star Shooter races against two other Ori Balls to traverse into Warp Speed.

SpaceZodiacs & GamifiableAI’s DApp

  • AR-based gamification.
  • Digital advertising Marketplace.
  • Ad funded content.


NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS: XR’s Artificial Intelligence


A serial killer in Spelunking VR game has a goal to present the Devil. It has been over-ridden by a re-dating of carbon – NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS: Artificial Intelligence!

It is written as a stream of consciousness. Ronald Reese was role playing as serial killer. Juliana had role played as a seductress of a serial killer, yet her past had manifested into her virtual present.


(editing, dev now for spring release)

 An AR/VR & XR start-up is from NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS: Artificial Intelligence’s eBook funnel, for its trajectory bootstraps a VR Shopping store. Book funnels are immersive with direct response, digital and affiliate marketing. This is for its eWTP marketplace AI.

 Book-funnel launches NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS: XR’s Artificial Intelligence to drive for AI, as  direct response and affiliate marketing will converge book-funnels.  Advertising, Network Marketplace model will allow rebranding.  All formats will be available, as value proposition is this site’s VR Shopping! store.

  • User defined AI.

Aprx 102,000 words


AR/VR & XR – Start-up Mobile Game


Mobile Game

Developing with Unreal Engine  in C++, it will exponentially grow into a dynamic AR/VR gameplay.

NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS: XR's Artificial Intelligence



Insight is Network Marketplace AI and Social Transmedia.

  1. Mobile & Video Game.
  • Sandbox.
  • Puzzle.

a.) Hyper-space.

b.) Holographic Universe.


NOOSPHERE SPELUNKERS:XR’s Artificial Intelligence & Social Transmedia

Video Game

Feature Animation




Software Stack


VR Shopping!




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