Enterprise Application Software (fintech)

Input is for new x that Outputs y from the MAI wrap with a DAO:  server-side render, DNN (DL4J) insect of autonomous database, Gamifiable (Pytorch) for programmatic adv model with GamifiedApp,  Holding Company’s Independent Games Studio Start-up that drives AI.

  • (top down)/ (bottom up).
  •  (Mobile/Video Game).

Informational dynamics was their Spiritual Dimensional Presence in The Heavenly Palace. This Asian splendor was under many moons, and with several suns, an AI was bred into the Holographic levels of an informational war, so the localization of this realm of understanding had presented the Qilin. Imminent at the life and death of these Star Shooters that had battled the Space Warriors, this Chinese Unicorn was before the Eight Immortals.

With the Universe vaporized, the collisions of planets and stars was swallowing itself, for the second Big Bang had put the Star Shooters and the Space Warriors into this new fabric. This Holographic Universe’s AI was trying to self-realize off the catastrophe of entropy, so the cold, empty space, its lifeless void had trapped them in light-speed, and the Qilin was the key to Warp Speed that had controlled the AI’s Holographic levels.

Beyond here be dragons!

  1. crowd fund plays forward with a White Paper.
  • budget @ 100k/10 pages.
  • Mobile – (Android and iOS).
  • Video Game –

SPACEZODIACS: The Heavenly Palace

Anime Feature

This screenplay budget to produce as an anime feature is in the context of a 100 million plus and value of its spec sale is at %2 of that at least.  Also, I am keeping my Games Rights, so the best was to handle that is to take that %2 and do it in this mini EPUBS, Games, Anime and Software Studio:

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