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AR eCommerce and Blockchain

AR eCommerce & Blockchain


AR & eCommerce

AR eCommerce and blockchain dynamics were the same. There were multiple channels for opportunity. There was interference at this reception point. A mitigation channel was brain locked. Steve wanted to improve his transmission opportunity.


1. Personalization drives engagement.
2. Get to the point quickly.
3. Chatbots go beyond mobile devices.
4. Truly understand your users.

“What’s your thing?” Robotically, it had penetrated from his Mobile phone.

“Take me further.” Steve had spoken into his mobile voice recognition system. Deep Learning algorithms were predominant with a technological experimentation. Online shopping was a recursive data collection.

Ecommerce Growth Strategies For 2018

1. Localization, Personalization & CX.
2. Community Building, Customer Engagement & CRM.
3. New Content Types & SEO.
4. Mobile Optimization.
5. Social Media Advertising, Campaigns & Retargeting.
6. CRO & Data-Driven Optimizations.
7. Technology.
8. Email Marketing, Automation & AOV.
9. Influencer Marketing.
10. Omni-Channel Management.
11. Payment Solutions.
12. Branding.
13. International.
14. Customer Lifetime Value & Referral Programs.
15. Catalog Extension.
16. PR.
17. Shipping + Fulfillment Optimization.
18. Sales Tax Liability.
19. Pricing.

AR eCommerce and blockchain interconnectivity phenomenon was leveraging AI-driven insights. The Data Pipeline carried Steve to sets of source artifacts. Steve detected a hierarchical influence. “Are you from Earth?” Augmented reality could revolutionize retail.  Steve had asked for its search trajectory. “I am from everywhere.”

Permeations of the Bayesian inference was this dynamic of the networked data. Steve’s data set was way out of proportion to his Google map search. Augmentation had been applied in a wide array of domain-specific transformations.

At the other end of the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)  platform was Dennis. He was a San Francisco Police Officer. Cops were capturing crime scenes via AR. Dennis had synthetically expanded upon Steve’s training set.

VR & AR Options

The Police Officer approached Steve. “What was that?” He had asked. He closed in on Steve. A virtual simulation was of these movements. It was in a pre-designed template. “I ah?.. I- I don’t understand?” Steve had said. He had come from what was this programmed software. “What?” Dennis was facing Steve. “I, I- I heard something.” Steve had a virtual option with augmented reality for e-Commerce.

“So did I.” Dennis was an overlay in Steve’s network. “Yeah, yeah- What’s your thing?” Steve had gawked for a confirmation from Dennis. Network abstraction had run its multiple separate and discrete virtualized network layers. “You playing games with me?” Dennis had sought refuge on top of their physical network.

“No, No- It’s- it’s …” AR was Steve’s gamification strategy.  Steve had went for a new path to converge their programmability.

VR market worldwide in 2020 and 2025 (billion US)

“Where are you?” Dennis had come from Steve’s VR.

VR headsets 1.8 percent of global population by 2021.

“I- I- I don’t know?” Steve’s photo realism had replied to Dennis. They were in an indistinguishable occupation from virtual reality. Their VR-ready universe simulation was of their collective metaverses and simulations.

Second Life.

“Didn’t you want to play a game?” Gone was Dennis. Technological advances had allowed Steve’s artificial life to be placed within another virtual setting. The BART had reacted in Steve’s virtual environmental parameters.

Steve’s AR eCommerce and blockchain had entered the BART’s mimicked physical counterparts. There were decentralized Artificial life entities.

Decentralized AR eCommerce & blockchain

“Cool.” Donna had a pink mohawk and large ear-rings. She wore her cyberpunk with tight jeans and biker boots. Steve was cognitive computing with the technology. Donna had pointed to the graphic picture on Steve’s T-shirt. It had depicted advanced cognitive analytics.

Danna’s t-shirt was cut up past her navel. Her breasts were barely covered. They had threatened to fall out. Steve stared at her. “You like them?” Donna would ride his geek. “No, no-“ Steve’s machine intelligence had not superseded human intelligence. “You don’t?” Donna came closer to merge with Steve.

“No, I’m- I’m just-” Steve had tried to upgrade their cosmic process. “Could be the end of us you know?” Donna gave Steve some room. Steve wanted her in his consciousness sphere. “We’ll- We’ll figure it out.” Steve had interacted in a metaverse. “Here.” Donna held out the Google cardboard. Steve wanted her for his VR telepresent application.

• $19 billion by 2020.

“I guess it can’t hurt.” Steve took the Google cardboard from Donna. “Not at all.” Donna had moved in closer. “It feels good.” Their virtual worlds had met geospatial maps. No-one could take them away from the virtual world they were in. Their identities had lived on the blockchain. They could not of had been deleted.

eCommerce and blockchain

• 100 million consumers shop AR by 2020.
• Blockchain-based $10 billion by 2022 Billion.

Steve had stood on the BART platform in an AR eCommerce & Blockchain virtual machine. Dennis was at the other end studying the panorama. Donna was at the opposite. They were in a virtualization that was running inside a virtualized environment. “Hello.” Steve had spoken into his mobile device. “How can I help you today?” The mobile phone he had held was operating in this multiple instance.

“Hey.” Donna had come closer to Steve in their virtualization-aware network. “What’s up?” Steve had come on to her. “It’s weird, isn’t it?” She had been efficiently configured to migrate into Steve’s virtual machine. They were part of its coherent self-awareness. “You going there?” Steve had asked. He wanted to establish himelf in those layers. “Yeah, man.” The BART had come. Its doors had opened.



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