Value Creation, Delivery & Blockchain Stack

Value Creation, Delivery & Blockchain Stack


Value Creation, Delivery & Blockchain Stack

Algorithms are for deep learning from Value Creation, Delivery & Blockchain Stack technology that forms analogies. They are from recombined data sets of simultaneous location and mapping that converge positions and speeds by calculating behaviors. Autonomous technology uses Gamification layers that are intent oriented algorithms for Marketplace AI.


Cryptocurrency secures and stores user narratives that create algorithmic advertising of what B2B advertises for so B2C can transfer digital instruments that represent real money for B2B benefits.

Gamifiable is for a public and a decentralized option of Blockchain. GamifiableAI will be built on top of existing centralized technologies. Scalability, performance, and storage is the Value Creation, Delivery & Blockchain Stack of autonomous technology.

HMI & IoT solutions

User defined gateways can communicate to physical objects. Gamifiable defines the condition of the Users’ internet world. Value Creation, Delivery & Blockchain Stack works on cloud servers. They hold unlimited storage capacity.

IoT identifies and authenticates the Value Creation, Delivery & Blockchain Stack technology. With User defined searches for nodes, Gamifiable is transparent. The Logic of peer-to-peer information storage is un-alterable.

Permissioned Blockchain

A Gamifiable Blockchain-based platform can connect billions of devices to automate network user defined conditions.

User conditions are linked to pre-transactions, so the database remains permanent. Algorithms are constructed, so IoT is the Value Creation, Delivery & Blockchain Stack connections. Blockchain-based businesses scale by providing discounts and promotions in user defined ecosystems.

Condition, Connection & Smart-Contracts

The value exchange through blockchains are the Cryptoeconomics of a Social Transmedia, as the time and complexity of developing trust is abstracted away. User created cryptocurrency is the Social Transmedia of  Gamifiable. Smart-contracts are enabled by GamifiabeAI. Secure access to A.I. is Social Transmedia. Users collaborate sharing monetizes off partners, customers, third parties and Government entities.


Trust building, cost reduction and accelerated data exchanges are the Value Creation, Delivery & Blockchain Stack ecosystems of participants holding tokens. They are anticipating appreciation. Token investments deliver advertising connections from Gamification. Deep Neural Network layering is the game-like interactions of user defined conditions.

Tokenizing Ecosystems


AI, IoT, and blockchain converge to power new solutions. IoT is integrated with AI. CRM intersects technology with B2B nodes. They advertise their self-brand overlaps from deep links that machine learn with Gamification Actor Networks. B2C asset transfer of user narratives are digital economies, and Social Transmedia is the cryptocurrency for the Marketplace AI of Gamifiable.

A VR Mobile Game of SpaceZodiacsGDD launches a sandbox Video Game of SpaceZodiacs. Mobile Gaming Consensus storage distributed data technology with GamifiableAI moves tokens around, for GamifiedApp becomes the VR Shopping  at where users pay for goods and services. Scalability in an IoT context is an unprecedented collaboration.

Tokens or Coin

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