WebVR & AR-based gamification

WebVR & AR-based gamification


WebVR   & AR-based gamification

Virtual Reality Headsets
WebVR & AR-based gamification digital advertising is the future of Ad funded content. Melding augmented reality brings synergy to a brand’s voice. WebVR AR-based gamification turns one channel into many. Immersive environments for users with AR integrates digital information into the user’s real life. Machine learning optimizes campaigns with immersive advertisements.

Mobile VR

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and programmatic marketing detects our gestures. AI algorithms ascertain our preferences. They analyze product performances with VR and AI. WebVR & AR-based gamification delivers ultra-personal ads. They  are powered by automated buying and selling of inventories. VR ecosystems of ecosystems are creative and innovative Networked Marketplaces.

WebVR Gaming

AR Story 

Gamers! They go all-in and get a headset! WebVR & AR-based gamification is immersed in the intent of user created content. Screen consumption is their context with Artificial Intelligence. WebVR & AR-based gamification uses natural markers. Facial recognition and 3D location mapping raises brand awareness. AR content is automatically accessible.

$229 billion this year and over $335 billion by 2020

Integrating augmented reality with a gamification strategy is interactive with user created digital content. WebVR & AR-based gamification platform lets users personalize and interact with an artificial intelligence. Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)is the WebVR & AR-based gamification messages that slide across mobile screens

Word-wide Digital Adds

WebVR & AR-based gamification

Phone camera is the AR device. Education to healthcare to construction, this changes the way the digital advertising market functions.

  • Marker-based AR ads.
  • Location-based AR ads.

AR Emotional Connection

AR ads are interactive and lifelike. Consumers can see and even interact with them. When users interact with AR ads, they feel like they’re playing an engaging video game!

WebVR & AR-based gamification is an emotional connection with customers! It encourages them to make purchases! This increases brand awareness, promotes sales and a company’s reputation!


AR provides a playing board for gamification strategies. Immersive experiences maximize customer engagement. WebVR & AR-based gamification uses advanced machine learning algorithms.

WebVR & AR-based gamification & Hyperlocal adv. 

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VR Shopping! 

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